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For the Soviet Act Two mission, see The Raven.

The Scout Raven is a support power used by Epsilon from their Radar Spire to deploy its namesake, a genetically modified raven under the proselyte's full control that can scout for enemy movement and locate enemy bases as it flies around the battlefield.

Unlike other reconnaissance support powers, the Scout Raven is highly vulnerable to enemy anti-air weapons. The Raven is considered to be a flying infantry unit and benefits from healing if the owner also has a Tech Hospital.

AI behavior

Scout Raven is the only reconnaissance power that the AI will never use.


Yuri's Ravens might be mutant or mechanical, but you should be able to use them to scout the battlefield once you capture one of the Epsilon Radar Spires.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Earthrise

Act One

  • The Scout Raven is first usable in the campaign in Human Shield. In this mission as well as in Landlocked, Rainmaker, Singularity, Moonlight (Casual difficulty only), Fallen Ashes, Huehuecoyotl, Blood Rage (except on Mental difficulty) and Backbitten (1st player only), Ravens can be summoned without the need of a Radar Spire.
  • In Singularity, Scout Raven is not provided by support power. On casual difficulty, the player will get a new one later after losing all the ravens; while on Normal difficulty, there are only two ravens in the entire mission. On Mental difficulty, there are no ravens at all.

Act Two

  • At the end of The Raven, there's a Raven flying over the Soviet General's command post as the map becomes shrouded and the timer of the Iron Curtain Device changes colour from red to violet.
  • In Earthrise, Ravens are fully operational despite the lack of an atmosphere on the Moon.

Behind the scenes

  • The Scout Raven's SHP sprite (originally named Mutant Raven) is available for public download to be used by other modders. The links can be found here or here.
  • In the beta builds of 3.0 Scout Ravens were available as a trainable unit from the Epsilon Barracks, filling the same role as Attack Dogs.

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