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The Scourge is a Scorpion Cell anti-tank infantry who utilizes customized EMP rods to heavily damage armor and temporarily short-circuit their electronics.

Official description

With Rashidi's personal training and advanced weapon-crafting talents, the Scourges joined his ranks after the Scorpion Cell suffered a series of severe losses to heavy enemy armor on its own home territories. The custom weapon he is equipped with is extremely destructive to tanks, although its shots cannot be concentrated at a single point due to its strong recoil, making it a rather inaccurate weapon.

The key characteristic of the Scourge's weapon is that, shockingly to the Cell's enemies, it actually makes use of a short EMP effect. The Allies whose outposts' have already been raided by these troops believe that the Scorpion Cell may have scavenged a Soviet base of their failed African campaign, and reverse-engineered the looted EMP equipment. However, there are those who believe Rashidi has received help from someone even more familiar with the EMP technology.[1]


Scorpion Cell has always suffered one major drawback in contrast to the other factions: their armored forces are often restricted when it came to anti-armor incursions. The Tyrant is a poor match against other monster tanks unless fielded in large numbers, meaning the Cell does not have a true tier 3 counter against armor and instead often had to rely on hit-and-run tactics with Speeder Trikes, overwhelming amounts of Mantis Tanks, or hordes of Archers if they needed a strong anti-tank presence on the battlefield. The aptly-named Scourge is designed to somewhat mitigate this weakness with a rather unorthodox anti-armor infantry available to their forces.

Scourges are armed with an EMP rod that, as its name implies is designed to fight armored vehicles and temporarily disable them, allowing other Scorpion Cell units to destroy them faster without fear of retaliation. Infantry units vulnerable to EMP effects (such as cyborgs and the Foehn Revolt's specialized troops) are not spared either and will be unable to move or counterattack if they are struck by the Scourge. These anti-tank specialists work best in small fireteams of four or five individuals, as an individual on their own will deal lackluster damage due to the inaccuracy and limited ammunition capacity of the EMP rod.

To increase their chances of a successful assault due to their relatively subpar protection (despite being plate-armored infantry, they are still frail units but they retain the immunity of being crushed by most vehicles), it is best for Scorpion Cell proselytes to utilize the Shadow Ring support power on them. This will allow them to get the first strike on their targets without fear of retaliation provided there are no anti-stealth units on standby near their victims. To reinforce Scorpion Cell's hit-and-run and guerrilla warfare doctrines, they are very fast for foot soldiers so they excel at chasing down slower vehicles.

While a formidable addition to Scorpion Cell's infantry divisions and a must have if the Cell is expected to fight heavily armored forces, Scourges are not effective against buildings and should avoid infantry at all costs, especially if they specialize in anti-infantry work such as Navy SEALs.

AI behavior

Scourges controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 3x guarding Gatling Cannons or Inferno Towers
  • 4x targeting vehicles
  • 6x targeting vehicles


With a Psychic Amplifier in Zaire we managed to acquire the Cell's Scourges. These troops seem to be designated for anti-tank combat with EMP weapons.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Backbitten

Act Two

  • Scourge debuts in Obsidian Sands as enemy unit.
  • The Proselyte granted access to Scourge in Babel.


Special Ops

  • Scourge becomes trainable for the Scorpion Cell themselves in Survivors.


  • After Nightcrawler, as most of the Scorpion Cell's troops have been reintegrated by the Epsilon, Scourge can also be used by the Epsilon normally, and the Scourges appear as reinforcements in Backbitten. If the player captures the Tech Secret Lab, then they can be unlocked to train.


  • Effective against vehicles.
  • Can disable vehicles and certain infantry units like Knightframes with its EMP rod.
  • Fast movement speed.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Immune to Attack Dogs and Spooks.
  • Reasonably inexpensive for an high-tier anti-armor infantry unit.
  • Relatively good attack range.
  • Weapon deals splash damage in a small radius.
  • Formidable against vehicles if deployed in small squads, as this also helps mitigate its limited "ammunition" while keeping vehicles constantly disabled.
  • Low HP pool despite possessing plate-type armor.
  • Weapon is not effective against infantry units and structures.
  • Weapon has limited "ammunition" and takes a short time to recharge if expended.
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry and magnetic weapons.


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