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Scroll-icon.png The subject of this article is from previous version(s) of Mental Omega, which might contradict current information and are to be taken as reference. Scroll-icon.png

In Mental Omega version 3.0, the Atomheart was known as the Science Lab, which otherwise had the same function and filling the role of the EMP Control Station respectively.

Official description

This construct provides a Soviet commander with the most powerful technology their arsenal has to offer. All Soviet commanders can then deploy battle bunkers instantly [note 1] anywhere on the map along with their respective support powers. Though the boons are many, the building is very costly and fragile, and should be well protected.

Each Soviet subfaction has its own high technology research building.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Science Lab's SHP artwork is a public asset that can be used by other modders. The link can be found here(called Pre Release Soviet Lab).



  1. Actually Instant Shelter is deployed from Radar Tower in version 3.0, so this description is wrong.