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The boys gettin’ in trouble again?
—A SODAR Array driver asking where she is needed

The SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging) Array is a Foehn support vehicle that not only detects nearby hidden enemies, but once deployed, it also enhances the firepower of all units wielding Golden Rocket launchers.

Official description

Yuri's psychic illusion technology is a major threat to the Foehn forces, as the constant attacks by cloaked and subterranean units brought many casualties to the Revolt's armies. A dedicated unit for early detection and warning became neessary, and the answer was the SOnic Detection And Ranging system. Using a wind profiler based on the Foehn's air manipulation technology, it became possible to measure and read the scattering of sound waves by atmospheric turbulence, and detect any sort of suspicious activity from objects not noticeable with the human eye or standard radars. In order for the system to work fully, an amphibious SODAR Array must be deployed first, be it on the land or in the water.

The SODAR Array is also capable of collecting and sending data on wind behavior to the units equipped with the "Golden Rockets". This data allows them to read the target coordinates and modify the rocket's flight path more accurately, so that it strikes with bigger precision and can deal even more damage.[1]


Acting as a support unit for the already powerful Golden Rocket-using units, the SODAR Array is an otherwise necessary vehicle for defending an area as, on top of the damage increase, it can detect stealthed and submerged units which a fair amount of Foehn offensive units are incapable of doing. While it is only able to use its signature ability while it is deployed and thus unable to move, it has a relatively large area of effect, allowing Golden Rocket units around it to give chase to enemies while still being under the Array’s influence (to an extent).

Make sure to defend it and never send it alone, though. A SODAR Array has no means of protecting itself, which, even though it can certainly be used to support an offensive, it will cater more to the defense of important structures such as production facilities, tech buildings, etc.. It is great to have while winning, as it can deny an enemy from gaining control of an area, but having it while on the losing side of a conflict is a different story, especially against Epsilon, as most SODAR Array-compatible units are not suited against large amounts of infantry and are easily swarmed in that regard. In addition, as it is a rather pricey purchase, losing one in a battle could soon lead to the loss of control in a contested zone.

AI behavior

Instead of building it normally in a War Factory, the AI builds its deployed state directly as a structure, but not on water. This means that the deployed SODAR Array is only found on the AI's base and will not be used offensively. The AI will only build a maximum of 1 deployed SODAR Array at a time.


  • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
  • Increases the firepower of nearby Golden Rockets by 15%.
  • Fairly large radius coverage.
  • Quite durable.
  • Expensive.
  • Unarmed.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Vulnerable against aircraft and anti-armor weapons.
  • Must be stationary and deployed to function.
  • When deployed, this unit can not be affected by Tech Machine Shop or repair structure command (like MCV's). It can only be manually repaired by Minermites and other repair vehicles in this state.