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Russia (often shortened to RU) is one of three subfactions of the Soviet Union.

Official description

Russia is not only the de facto leader of the Soviet war machine, but the largest country in the world as well. The vast tundras and steppes of their homeland have forced the Russian armed forces to utilize both conventional tank paradrops and unconventional mobile production technology in order to ease the logistics and transport costs of their heavy armor.

When the Soviets conquered Serbia during the second Great War, they captured the famous inventor Nikola Tesla and had him create weaponized incarnations of his machines for them. This has lead to the wide proliferation of advanced Tesla weaponry among the ranks of the Russian army, instilling fear in all who dare oppose the Russian Bear.[1]

Previous official description

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Version 2.0 and 1.2
Fear the great Soviet revolution! The largest country on the world can always surprise their enemies with something scary. Just after Nikola Tesla invented his tesla coil, the USSR bought his plans, to create powerful weaponry based on his technology. Tesla couldn't believe later in what Soviets made with his great invention, and he wasn't happy with it. Armed on heavy tanks and used with Soviet soldiers, Tesla lightning is one of the most powerful weapons ever seen. While the specialized Tesla Tank is often the primary target of enemy armor divisions, it often ends with major losses of those who want to attack these electrifying units, as they are perfect vehicle and infantry eliminators. With additional knowledge, the Soviets upgraded armor of their tanks that truly represent Soviet strength. Shame that now, Russian forces no longer have their motherland, but their army remains.[2][3]
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Second Great War

Russia, together with Ukraine and several other satellite states, started the Second Great War by attacking the Allied Nations of Europe to the west, and China to the east, but although it succeeded in occupying most of Europe it was eventually outnumbered and pushed back by the Allies, with the assistance of the United States of America, and defeated after the Battle of Moscow. A period of occupation followed during which the Soviet Union was dismantled, and much of Russia's arsenal and technology was confiscated or destroyed, but once the occupation ended Russia founded a new Soviet Union by allying itself with the newly established Latin Confederation in South America, and the People's Republic of China in Asia, and after reconstructing much of its arsenal launched a massive invasion on the United States, triggering the Third Great War.





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  • Initially Russia was supposed to have a special unit in place of the Overcharge support power called the Perun Flagship, which can buff single or multiple units armed with Tesla weapons, but it was cut. The model (resembling an oversized Hind) and soundfiles, however, still remain in the mod's files.

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