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The Pacific Front is deploying their new Hailstorm artillery weapon in the Korean war zone. This would give them a major edge over their enemies, ending the conflict preemptively.
—Mission description

Operation: Rush Tactics is the fifth Epsilon cooperative mission.


With the Iron Curtain Device from the North Korean border destroyed, the Sino-Pacific Front alliance crumbles and the whole Korean DMZ is thrown into disarray. Even though they had a limited taskforce in their hands, Yuri's skillful Proselyte was able to ignite the spark of war, even though Yuri himself wonders why it didn't just start on its own? Through the use of deception tactics, China believes that the Pacific Front were responsible for sabotaging their Field Bureau, Airbase, and their precious Iron Curtain.

Even though the war in Korea still rages, the Chinese will most likely be taking full control of the Pacific Front's armies in the end. As a response to the on-going war, the Pacific Front and their Kanegawa Industries remnants decide to bring their pride in long range combat doctrines; the first group of finished Hailstorms. With these Hailstorms, several key infrastructures in North Korea can be easily eliminated with their Hailjets, along with some ground support from its convoys, allowing them to advance and strike from within North Korea. It was a possibility that with this machine, the Pacific Front will be able to destroy the Chinese defensive lines consisting of Hammer Defenses and drive them away from their countries. Unfortunately for the Pacific Front, Yuri is well aware of the outcome. He responds to their plan by deploying a taskforce, with Scorpion Cell equipment, deep within South Korea to jeopardize their prideful victory.

While the conflict on Korean peninsula continues, several experimental weapons from the North Korean border, based on the Iron Curtain, are moved deep within China, well-hidden from the eyes of its ambitious enemies, in order for it to be completed.


Right after captured two Pacific Front base at vital chokepoints in Gangwon-do, the Proselytes made haste in building vehicles and aircraft for their concentrated attack effort. However, this would mean that the time to intercept the Hailstorms would be shortened. After a few minutes had passed, the convoy arrived.

The proselyte at left side is now building Black Eagles and Zephyrs as they could to prepare their interception of the Hailstorms. As the Hailstorms and their escorts approached the defense line stationed near the bridge, the other Proselyte quickly assisted the interception with more Black Eagles to finish their task quickly, while the proselyte on the left uses the Speeder Trikes that are just dispatched here, to attack the convoy.

As much as both proselytes wanted to end this battle quickly, the Korean forces sent more reinforcements to handle the two Proselytes' bases. After a long and tough fight, the Hailstorm vehicles are all eliminated before the two proselytes lose their captured bases. Shortly after all Hailstorms got destroyed, the two Proselytes quickly disengaged their forces and quietly fled the scene.


With the first ever Hailstorm artillery division completely annihilated, the Pacific Front had no choice but to resort to using standard siege weapons coming from Zephyrs, Siege Cadres and their Battle Tortoise APCs, as well as using precision strike-based tactics with their Black Eagle fighters, to resist China's advance. To make matters worse, this batch of Hailstorms were, at that point, the Pacific Front's only finished products. With these siege vehicles now in ruins, the development of the Hailstorms had returned back to the drawing board. In order to ensure the development of this new weapon for future engagements, Norio Tomokawa and several Pacific Front Loyalists, along with survivng elements of the South Korean fleet, made their way to the city of Aomori in order to recover all of their prototype weapons before it was too late...

While the war in Korea intensified, Yuri informs his most trusted Proselyte to advance forward to the Leninsk Cosmodrome and take several necessary technologies that will ensure the birth of the Epsilon Army.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 25000
  • The number of Future Tanks among the escorts are the least in this difficulty.
  • 4 more money crates will appear on the map. (money crates in cooperative mode are invalid)


  • Starting credits: 15000


  • Starting credits: 10000
  • The number of Future Tanks among the escorts are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • 2 Aircraft Carriers will appear from the bottom, and stationed below the bridge near 2nd player's base.

Easter egg


Destroy a Mine Shaft and a Buddha statue near players' starting location can get a speed crate for each.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the player's subfaction in this mission was PsiCorps. It is worth mentioning that the mission during that period also provided players with the Tank Bunker. Sending Lasher Tanks in them to quickly form a line of defense on the only way of the convoy in front of the player's base to quickly intercept them was a popular way to speedrun the mission.
  • Prior to version 3.3.6, the players starts with Soviet MCVs instead of captured Pacific Front bases.


  • Speeder Trikes use their standard quotes in this mission, including "They should send us to the Grinder instead." However, the Grinder has not been introduced at this point in the story.