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The Runway is an auxiliary aircraft production structure used by the Allies.

Official description

The Runway is a simple landing strip, allowing aircraft to land and resupply. A commander cannot build aircraft with a Runway alone but will be able to do so even if all of his Air Force Command HQ have been struck with weapons which disable them.[1]


Runways ensure that the Allies will always have air superiority over their enemies in both quality and quantity. Runways allow the Allies to field multiple aircraft squadrons (e.g. 4 Barracuda bombers on the Air Force Command HQ, while having 3 Tier 2 jets and a Hummingbird on the Runway) without expending too much money and power.


Act One

  • Runway debuts in Road Trippin'. Whenever the battle continues for a while, a Runway will be deployed to park more Stormchilds. Throughout the battle, 3 Runways will be deployed in total (2 on Mental difficulty).
  • Runway becomes buildable in Panic Cycle.


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