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The Runway is an auxiliary aircraft production structure used by the Allies.

Official description

The Runway is a simple landing strip, allowing aircraft to land and resupply. A commander cannot build aircraft with a Runway alone but will be able to do so even if all of his Air Force Command HQ have been struck with weapons which disable them.[1]


Runways ensure that the Allies will always have air superiority over their enemies in both quality and quantity. Runways allow the Allies to field multiple aircraft squadrons (e.g. 4 Barracuda bombers on the Air Force Command HQ, while having 3 Tier 2 jets and a Hummingbird on the Runway) without expending too much money and power.


Act One

  • Runway debuts in Road Trippin'. Whenever the battle continues for a while, a Runway will be deployed to park more Stormchilds. Throughout the battle, 3 Runways will be deployed in total (2 on Mental difficulty).
  • Runway becomes buildable in Panic Cycle.


  1. The requirement on official website building page is written wrong as any Allied T2 access buildings, while the display on Allied tech tree is correct.


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