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The Ruiner is an Epsilon Headquarters exclusive aircraft that disables weapons of both enemy infantry and their friendly soldiers nearby.

Official description

Yuri truly seems to have an affinity for the UFO, as the Ruiner is yet another one of them in his arsenal. Just like the War Rig, the Ruiner uses an accurately-named 'Amnesia Ray', which effectively makes the enemy infantry "forget" how to use their weapons. The beam contains a complex combination of some of Yuri's finest chemicals, designed thanks to his careful studies on human genetics, in order to manipulate their senses and state of mind where it affects them the most. Paralyzed by the chemically-induced amnesia, the affected troops will not be able to fire as long as they are under the Ruiner's effect.

However, Yuri's ingenious invention goes deeper than that. Anyone infected with the Ruiner's chemical becomes a catalyst, spreading the effect further to anyone that comes close by, making entire squads powerless. To prevent his own Brutes from falling victim to this effect in combat, Yuri has altered them to make them immune to the Amnesia Ray completely, making the Ruiner their excellent support. Unlike the other units, Ruiners are deployed with a support power by one of the Synthesis Vaults.[1]


As an important aircraft against infantry, Ruiner is very suitable for attacking a separate infantry group without air defense capabilities. The larger the infantry group, the stronger the effect, because the Ruiner's target will cause the surrounding infantry to lose attack acility too. However, it should be noted that Ruiner is not suitable for attacking infantry in enemy bases and large numbers of anti-air infantry, as it's not purposed for siege or heavy assault usage.

AI behavior

The AI will deploy a Ruiner if there is a task force of 2 Spooks that are guarding the Synthesis Vault, and if the Ruiner support power is 70% charged, or 2 minutes before it is ready. Only Normal and Hard AI will create Ruiners. Any created Ruiners and its Spook "recruiters" will target any nearby enemy infantry.


Watch out for these Ruiners, they use psychic rays to stop our troops from firing!
—Soviet intel during Operation: Fatal Impact

Act Two

  • The Ruiner appears in the Soviet mission Fatal Impact as part of the enemy forces. Several Ruiners guard Volkov's route along the stronghold, so anti-air support is needed to clear them out.
  • The Ruiner becomes available to the player in Babel.


  • In the Ascension Challenge, all enemy Ruiners are stealth and will only emerge themselves when attack.


  • Prevents most enemy infantry from attacking.
  • Infantry around the target are temporarily affected as well.
  • Very mobile and can fire on the move.
  • Great at harassing infantry.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Heavily armored.
  • Cannot deal damage to enemies.
  • Cannot affect Brutes, vehicles, aircraft and structures.
  • Cannot target air units.
  • Can only be deployed in a radius of 9 around a Synthesis Vault
  • Vulnerable to sustained anti-aircraft fire.