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The Latin Confederation is commencing its own attack on Europe from the west. They must clear the shore to make way for approaching transports. Europe will be in their grasp.
—Mission description

Operation: Role Reversal is the third Soviet cooperative mission.


Confederation reinforcements have finally reached the western coast of Europe. You are to prepare a landing zone here in Muros, Spain. Clear the area.

Objective 1: Destroy the Euro Alliance forces in the region.


Clearing the coast

The Confederation navy preparing to attack the Spanish coastal defenses

The Latin Confederation’s small navy struggled to reach Muros in Spain. They immediately began the operation: Typhoon Attack Subs was responsible for clearing most of the navy, Seawolves was responsible for shooting down the Rocketeers, and Dreadnoughts was also for the Grand Cannons and Tech Cannon Bunkers on the coast. Although there was only one reinforcement which was very small, the Confederation’s navy clean up the coast finally.

Paradrop infantry to control the land

After the coast was cleared, Confederation immediately landed some infantry on the shore, and took over the Tech Airfields and Tech Oil Derricks ashore, and continued eastward. When they went deep into the enemy outpost, they learned that the Allies was trying to call for reinforcements, so Confederation also sent 8 Desolators to support the two task forces.

4 minutes later, the enemy's reinforcements arrived and it turned out to be Riot Troopers. They choose to be careful and try to counter them with ambushes, and Desolator plays a very important role in them.

After the Riot Troopers was resolved, the enemies' remaining troops were no longer a threat and they quickly ended the battle.


The Latin Confederation succeeded in occupying Muros and advancing toward the hinterland of Spain, and then joined forces with the Soviet coalitions. Soon, the three major forces in the Soviet Union have been involved in Europe, trying to pinch the European Alliance, to push them to desperation.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 25000
  • 4 additional heal crates will appear on the map.
  • Less Allied patrols will appear.
  • No any Allied reinforcements during the naval battle.


  • Starting credits: 15000
  • No continuous Horizon Destroyer reinforcements appear during the naval battle.


  • Starting credits: 10000
  • Additional Siege Cadres and Navy SEALs will be sent to attack when the players reach Allied base, and players will receive warning.

Easter egg


Destroy the Helibunkers located near the abandoned vehicles on both sides to receive one health crate for each Helibunker.