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The Rocketeer reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

When selected

  • Rockets in the sky.
  • All fired up!
  • Check out the view!
  • I can go anywhere!
  • Got a clear view sir.
  • Ready to soar!
  • Fuel tanks are filled.

When ordered to move

  • Pushin' away!
  • Igniting boosters!
  • Got a steady flow.
  • I'll take the high road.
  • Riding high!
  • Up and over.
  • Lifting off.

When ordered to attack

  • He's no place to hide!
  • They won't see us comin'!
  • I got 'em!
  • I can see em!
  • Clear out the place!

When under fire

  • I'm losing compression!
  • The rocket's hit!
  • There's too much flak!
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