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The Rocket Launchpad is a circular structure that contains all necessary and important equipment to launch and land a rocket, thus allowing it to secure its launching and landing phases to avoid any damage or complete destruction to its cargo/passengers.

The Rocket Launchpad is based on the Soviet Rocket Launch Bay, as Yuri has acquired the Soviet rocket technology during the sack of Leninsk Cosmodrome.


Act Two

  • In Dance of Blood, the Rocket Launchpad at the centre of Totoya Island is a critical structure that must be protected from the Chinese attack for 35 minutes until Libra can safely arrive. After that, it no longer has to be protected.
  • In Meltdown, the two Rocket Launchpads in Epsilon hands are the targets to be captured by Russian Engineers. Each of them is heavily guarded by various kinds of defences as well as an Apocalypse Tank each.
  • In Earthrise, the player starts in control of a Rocket Launchpad, with the other ones on the map being controlled by PsiCorps. Capturing a Launchpad from Epsilon will cause three money crates to be spawned nearby. Holding at least one Launchpad is a necessary condition to end the mission in victory.


  • In The Great Beyond, after the secondary Foehn base is captured, the player will be tasked with capturing the Epsilon Rocket Launchpad. However, after a few minutes, the Rocket Launchpad will be dismantled by Epsilon forces, making this objective impossible.

Special Ops

  • In Gridlock, Epsilon forces have converted a Rocket Launchpad into a makeshift nuke to use against the Paradox Engine. The timer before it could fire will be shortened when a Heavy Kamaz delivers fuel from a Nuclear Reactor to the Rocket Launchpad, or lengthened when a Heavy Kamaz or Nuclear Reactor is destroyed. The Rocket Launchpad must be neutralised by the player's Americans, but not by destroying it, but by capturing its Controllers with an Engineer after the three Iron Curtain Devices shielding them are destroyed.

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