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The Robot Tank is an Allied scout and detector unit which is an equivalent to the Soviet Terror Drone and Epsilon Stinger.

Official description

The Robot Tank was originally designed as a Japanese commercial security robot. Programmed with powerful friend/foe recognition algorithms and hover engines for naval patrols, its main role was to defend vital Kanegawa Industries research and military compounds from intruders.

Once Epsilon arose and the threat of their mind control techniques become known, the Robot Tank was incorporated into all Allied arsenals, heavily redesigned and outfitted with a rotating "Jupiter" laser turret instead of machine guns, to eliminate Epsilon Adepts and Elites. When moving over water, Robot Tanks can fire small torpedoes against enemy naval targets. Robot Tanks are also excellent in preventing enemy infiltration of Allied bases as they can easily "see" past disguises.

Robot Tanks are unique in that both Allied War Factories and Naval Shipyards have everything needed to assemble a dedicated production line for them. Since the unit is just as effective on land, as it is on water, it can be produced from both types of factories and assist ground or dedicated naval forces alike.[1]


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Repurposed in Mental Omega as an early anti-infantry vehicle and detector, the Robot Tank no longer requires a Robot Control Center, unlike in the original Yuri's Revenge, to construct it and remain operational.

Cheap and easily available, the Robot tank is an excellent early game unit against infantry. Together with its hover drive system, it easily surpasses its robotic counterparts like Stinger and Terror Drone in water traversing ability, allowing it to eliminate amphibious infantry lurking in the waters that are normally unreachable by ground units. Some examples include rogue Navy SEALs, Crazy Ivans and Duneriders.

Another main function of the Robot Tank is to detect stealth and infiltration units. Defensively, a wise Allied commander would produce a couple of Robot Tanks to prevent sneaky enemy infiltrators from entering the base, even if the enemy has applied the Shadow Ring to them in Epsilon's case. Robot Tanks can also serve as anti-infantry escorts and detectors for fellow Allied vehicles.

Other benefits possessed by the Robot Tank include immunity to mind-control and hijacking. It is also immune to poison and radiation. These attributes combine to make the Robot Tank an excellent counter to Epsilon Adepts, Epsilon Elites, Viruses and Desolators.

Unfortunately, Robot Tanks are lightly armored and fragile. They cannot attack enemy aircraft, and are ineffective against structures and armored vehicles. Ships, tanks and air units are therefore easy counters against them. Furthermore, any Robot Tanks happened to be disabled when over water will sink, thus making them particularly susceptible against EMP or cryobeam attacks.


A project long overdue, the new Robot Tank will help you deal with Yuri's mind control.
—Allied intel during Operation: Puppet Master

Act Two

  • The Robot Tank is introduced in Puppet Master. Four battle-ready Robot Tanks were chronoshifted as reinforcements shortly after taking control of the Allied base.


  • Effective against infantry.
  • Immune to mind-control, hijacking, poison and radiation.
  • Amphibious.
  • Can fire on the move.
  • Detects disguised, cloaked and submerged enemies.
  • Ineffective against armored vehicles and structures.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Cannot attack aircraft.
  • Vulnerable to anti-armor threats.
  • EMP sinks them when over water.

Behind the scenes

  • The Robot Tank's icon in 3.0, which is actually an edited version of the original icon in the vanilla Yuri's Revenge
    In 3.0 the Robot Tank uses a shotgun instead of a laser cannon.

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