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In version 3.0, the Robot Ops Control Center's model was used for the Strategy Center, a T2 support power structure for the Allied Nations (European Strategy Center also provides Comet Fence).

In version 3.3, the European Alliance and Pacific Front variations of the Strategy Center became the Shield Command and the Robot Ops Control Center, respectively. The United States variation was removed while the Drop Control and the Mercury Network Uplink took its support powers and succeeded its role as the American exclusive tech access structure, respectively.

Official description

The Strategy Center provides the Allies with their respective support powers and additional technology. Each Allied subfaction has its own Strategy Center.[1]


Support power Description
USA commanders can send infantry reinforcements via paradrop wherever they choose, even behind enemy lines. The Airborne strike force consists of 7 GIs and 3 Guardian GIs. This support power costs $1000 and takes 4:00 to recharge.
2 Humvees and 2 Stryker IFVs are sent into the battlefield via Cargo Plane at a chosen location. The Bloodhounds support power costs $1800 and takes 4:30 to recharge.
The Force Shield protects the affected friendly structures from any damage for a period of time, useful for saving important structures from being heavily damaged or destroyed by enemy attacks. Force Shield is free, but takes 6:00 to recharge.
The Cryofield will decrease the speed of affected land & naval units' by 50% for 20 seconds. Cryofield is free, but takes 5:30 to recharge.
Zephyr Beacon
The Zephyr Beacon deploys its namesake drone which allows Pacific Front Zephyrs to bombard enemies from locations far beyond their normal attack range as long as the beacon remains on the field. Zephyrobot costs $500 and takes 6:00 to recharge.


American Strategy Center appeared in these missions in version 3.0: