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The Roadrunner is an attack drone used by the Wings of Coronia with a rather unorthodox way of attacking, but unlike Demolition Trucks it will survive, though temporarily disabled.

Official description

Watch out. This is not an ordinary ball. It's the Coronian Roadrunner, a spherical drone set to crush, kill and destroy anything that gets in its way. Its unorthodox design makes it capable of travelling at high speeds and additionally benefit from the use of Spinblades scattered on the battlefield. When a Roadrunner chases its target down, it will explode with tremendous power, damaging every soldier and tank nearby. The explosion will briefly disable its systems in order to recharge the weapon, making the Roadrunner immobile and completely defenseless for a few seconds.[1]



  • Effective against groups of vehicles and infantry.
  • Very fast, even faster when boosted with Spinblades.
  • Can quickly crush infantry.
  • Several Roadrunners can easily destroy unsuspecting hostile units caught within their blast radius.
  • Quite durable.
  • Can detect disguised enemies.
  • Immune to poison, radiation, hijacking and mind control.
  • Roadrunner is not destroyed in the explosion.
  • Can only attack close range.
  • Cannot affect aircraft and structures.
  • Unit is temporarily disabled after attacking, thus very vulnerable to hostile counter attacks.
  • Vulnerable to anti-armor weapons.
  • Quite expensive.


  • Roadrunner's command sounds are from the move sounds of Scalpel in Tiberian Twilight.
  • As of 3.3.4, there's a missing '%' in the Roadrunner's scalar definition, making it deal 9500% damage against Basic/Animal armor types. This doesn't affect gameplay however since Roadrunner one-shots Dogs/Spooks and Engineers anyway.

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