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Latin Confederation's Jaguar Tanks are approaching from the south, pushing up through Mexico. The American armored forces are still battling Russian tank divisions, leaving the defense of the border up to a squadron of Stormchild fighters and a group of brave soldiers.
—Mission description

Operation: Road Trippin' is the third Allied Act One campaign mission.


During the past decade, socialist revolutions rapidly spread across Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and eventually the entire Latin America, that not even Brazil and Chile survived. With the support from Russia, these revolutionaries of the newly formed Latin Confederation constantly clashed with our forces deployed in those countries, and crushed a number of our military bases and facilities in Latin America. We were forced to abandon almost all positions there in the end, when the cost to maintain them became too high.

Now, at the end of the dominos row, they jumped the gun and started a ground invasion of our homeland from Mexico to support their Russian accomplices far earlier than we anticipated. Their tanks have been spotted near a border checkpoint in Texas and it's up to you, Commander, to prevent further incursion by their forces. The National Guard divisions from the area got pulled back to deal with threats elsewhere so the bulk of our armor divisions is still engaged with Russian forces. The new Stormchild prototypes and Rocketeers have just been delivered to the local garrison and will make up most of the defense line. Had it been finished in time, this would be the ideal moment to put the Mercury Network to good use, but we have to work with what we've got.

Objective 1: Repel the attack from Latin Confederation.


Preparing the defense

With only several minutes left before the first main wave arrived, the Commander prepared the defense of the border. Seconds after having been given Battle Control, several of the new American Stormchild's arrived at the Air Force Command Headquarters. Allied Command was currently testing a new precise anti-infantry laser system on the aircraft, hoping it would cause mass casualties in the Latin's forces.

As the Commander explored the area, he came across Jaguar Tanks. The Latin Confederation had sent scouts beyond the border to assess the situation. Without delay, the Commander destroyed these scouts with the use of the Stormchild aircraft. After the scouts were cleared, he quickly garrisoned the local bunkers and buildings with infantry and captured several Oil Derricks.

The main attack arrives

As expected, the Latin Confederation's first wave had now arrived at the US/Mexico border. The border guards tried to deal with the inital forces but it was too much. A few minutes after the inital attack, another force tried to take the passages through the hills in order to strike the Allies from behind. The Commander had prepared for this and the enemy troops were wiped out with the might of the air force.

Just as the Latin's managed to destroy the border guard outpost, Allied reinforcements arrived in from the north. However, due to the US currently fighting the Russians elsewhere, only a few Abrams Tanks were called in from reserves. The Commander would have to make do for a few more minutes.

As the battle continued, the Latin's had now deployed their Bomb Buggies, cheaper versions of the Demolition Truck (Although no less dangerous). The Commander kept his eye on the battlefield for these buggies and wiped them out with the Stormchild aircraft.

The attacks from the Latin Confederation were intensifying every minute. They were determined to push past the supposed weak defense garrison and into the United States itself. The Commander held off many attack groups, including Borillos.

After several minutes, a few more Abrams Tanks arrived onto the field. They would prove crucial to the whole battle, as their laser cannons chewed through infantry while their cannons crushed enemy armor. By now, the Allied outpost was almost in ruins from the attack. Still, they clinged on by mere threads.

Reports came in to the Commander that the formation of the enemy forces had changed. They were trying something different to crush the Allied line of defense. As it turned out, they changed formation for a reason: Kirov Airships had now reached the area! The Commander had to destroy them before they leave the area, or the fate of many Allied divisions behind him would suffer.

Fortunately, he had planned ahead in case something like this happened. He ordered a mass army of GGI's and Rocketeers to move in and shoot those blimps out of the sky. The attack proved effective, the Kirov's plummeted to the ground and were destroyed. With their main armada of Kirov's now out of commission, the Soviet's retreated from the area. The US/Mexico border was safe...for now.


With the Confederation temporarily on the retreat, we have bought ourselves some time to reorganize. Now that the Confederation's presence in the South has diminished, it's time to focus on weakening the Soviets naval influence.
—Battlefield Report

With the first main wave wiped out and the destruction of the Kirov armada, LC commanders thought there were more defences at the border than they had initially believed and were ordered back to reorganize and regroup.

With the border secured for the time being, Command now decided to focus on the Soviets naval influence on the East Coast. They tasked the Commander with liberating the Mayport Naval Yards in Florida in order to bring the fight back to the invaders.

After some time had passed, the Latin Confederation attacked a less defended spot like Los Angeles via a seaborne assault. After the initial forces got ashore, they started setting up forward bases. Two American Commanders were then tasked to destroy these bases and drive them back into the sea.

Difficulty changes



  • Starting credits: 25000
  • The enemy attack intensity is in medium state in this difficulty.
  • 4 more Kirov Airships than Casual difficulty will appear at the end of mission.


  • Starting credits: 20000
  • The enemy attack intensity is the heaviest in this difficulty.
  • 8 more Kirov Airships than Casual difficulty will appear at the end of mission.

Easter egg


The "Welcome to Texas" sign is slightly damaged when the player puts their cursor over it. If they send an engineer to repair the sign, a money crate will appear and tech concrete walls will surround the sign.

Behind the scenes

  • In version 3.0, this mission's location was in El Camino del Diablo, Arizona, instead of U.S.A./Mexico Border, Texas.