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In the 3.x series prior to version 3.3.5, this support power creates a modified temporal Epsilon Tier 2 defense tower that can repair friendly vehicles nearby. In version 3.0, this support power is known as the Risen Railgun which, as its name suggests, spawns a Railgun Tower. In version 3.3, it became the Risen Inferno since the Inferno Tower replaced the Railgun Tower.


Act Two

  • The Risen Inferno is first usable in the campaign in Divergence.
  • During Relentless and Insomnia, unlike in the skirmish, the Epsilon forces will deploy these Inferno Towers in the Allied Forces' bases, commonly near Power Plants, Construction Yards and Air Force Command HQ.


  • In The Cardinal (final phase) and Backbitten, Risen Inferno can be activated by the 1st player without the need of a Pandora Hub, as the players don't have access to bases.