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Risen Monolith is a support power for Epsilon available from their Pandora Hub that deploys a Monolith anywhere on the battlefield. It has a limited lifespan and will self-destruct after a period of time, during which it can use a dissolver beam to damage enemy ground and air targets nearby to some degree.

After fully "risen", the Monolith can fire a maximum of 20 shots before self-destructing. There is no way to prolong the Monolith's lifespan, as it cannot be repaired at all, even by Engineers and the Maintenance support power. It is also unaffected by Force Shield and Invulnerability.

AI behavior

The AI will use Risen Monolith to target a clear space close to the center of the enemy base. If all enemies are defeated, the AI will target their own base, with the same circumstances.


With Risen Monolith you can quickly create a defense anywhere on the battlefield.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Dance of Blood

Act Two


  • In Backbitten (2nd player only), Risen Monolith can be called without the need of Pandora Hub.