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Eyes open!
—A Riot Trooper is moving carefully

The Riot Trooper is an American infantry specializing in urban combat. Their riotguns and flashbangs can make short work of enemy infantry both in the open and garrisoned in structures.

Despite their durable body armor, Riot Troopers are surprisingly amphibious, allowing them to catch enemies off-guard.

Official description

It is a widely known fact that the United States joined late during the Second Great War. American soldiers, which were sent to Europe right after the basic training and without any knowledge on how to fight in the European theatre, had to face the Soviets in a harsh and brutal urban warfare. While the Soviets adapted to using spades, grenades and short but quick-firing submachine guns, the Americans were suffering heavy casualties against battle-hardened Soviet troops until they brought heavy weapons.

In time, the United States' forces decided to arm their troops fighting in urban areas with more frag grenades and shotguns, focusing their training on how to fight in towns and cities. Years before the Soviets attacked once more, specially trained soldiers with heavy flak jackets, riot shields, riotguns and flash grenades designed to flush out hostiles from the buildings, were prepared for battles to come.[1]


A vital asset for any US forces, Riot Troopers are great versus massed infantry, tearing them apart with their riot guns and debilitating them with flash grenades. They are also capable of clearing out enemy garrisons one by one for every flash grenade hit, allowing a US commander to garrison it with his own troops.

The plate armor Riot Troopers wear provides them extra durability and resistance to enemy fire. When fired upon, they take cover behind their shields, further increasing their resistance to physical weapons. However, their gear does make them vulnerable to magnetic weapons. In addition, Riot Troopers are also equipped with inflatable rafts that allow them to cross water.

When loaded into an IFV, they gain extra mobility and are able to launch flash grenades, while being unable to use their riot guns.

Although a great unit to deal with large masses of infantry, Riot Troopers are only effective against infantry and garrisoned buildings. Their flash grenade tosses have a chance of missing. Last but not least, Riot Troopers are expensive infantry that are vulnerable to anti-personnel vehicles and aircraft.


Use Riot Troopers to deal with enemy garrisons and infantry groups quickly.
—Allied intel during Operation: Bad Apple

Act One

  • Riot Troopers make their first appearance as controllable unit in Bad Apple, where they were crucial in eliminating Soviet and brainwashed Allied infantry on the streets and garrisoned structures in the city of New York.

Act Two

  • Because the Mercury Network Uplink is not a widespread American Tier 2 access building during Act One, they do not become trainable until the Act Two Covert Ops mission Obstinate.


  • Very effective against infantry.
  • Amphibious.
  • Can clear garrisoned structures from a safe range.
  • Flash grenades deal heavy damage to infantry in a target area.
  • Good armor.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Ineffective against structures and armored vehicles.
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons.
  • Flash grenades have a minimum attack range.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.
  • Cannot attack aircraft.
  • Only available late in the game, after building a Mercury Uplink and Tech Center.
  • Flash grenades sometimes do not kill garrisoned troops.


  • The Riot Trooper's in-game model closely resembles the Peacekeeper from Red Alert 3, which is also equipped with shotgun and a riot shield. Some of the Riot Trooper's quotes and its firing sounds are also borrowed from the Peacekeeper.

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