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MO1 Logo.png The subject of this article is from Mental Omega APYR version 1.2, which might contradict current information and are to be taken as reference.

Yuri will be proud!

The Boomer Sub is an advanced multipurpose naval vessel of the PsiCorps, able to strike both land and sea. A unit from the original game, it only exists on Mental Omega version 1.2.

The Boomer Sub's role is succeeded by the Kraken Frigate in the 2.x series but remains a functional hidden unit. Later on, it becomes the Resheph in version 3.0.

Official description

Boomers are the pride of the PsiCorps navy. With their heavy torpedoes, they can easily sink enemy ships and other submarines. Their heavy armor allows them to survive enemy strikes against the PsiCorps navy. Unlike other naval units, Boomers aren't unarmed against ground positions, they can use cluster missiles to force ground bases and units, heavily damaging enemy positions on the land. Unluckily, Boomers are very vulnerable from enemy air assaults, so fielding Gattling Warships nearby is recommended to protect them.[1]

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