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Rumours are the Chinese are working on new technologies that can challenge Yuri's might. Certain parts of this tech are said to be developed at new KI labs. Yuri wants them gone.
—Mission description

Operation: Research Stroke is the tenth Epsilon cooperative mission.


With its inner conflict ongoing, China might finally be vulnerable to our attack. We'll use this chance to attack their lands, starting from here, in Guangzhou. This K.I. Assembly and Industrial Plants provide them with tech components. Destroying them will weaken their capability of designing new technologies. Our navy has arrived. MCVs and more reinforcements will arrive later. We've located several areas suitable for a deployment of new bases.

Objective 1 & 2: Destroy the Kanegawa Assembly and Industrial Plants.


The landfall

After obtaining the fleets, amphibious forces and some Invaders, the two proselytes immediately advanced to the nearest coast, where there were small amount of enemy defenses. Epsilon's forces quickly broke through these fragile defenses and transported army reinforcements to land via Mandjet Transports. Shortly after the Epsilon HQ’s army came ashore, the enemy sent a group of troops to try to repel them. Fortunately, with the timely response of the two proselytes, the Epsilon troops defended the landing point. After a while, the two MCVs entered the battlefield one after another and deployed as Construction Yards.

Targetting the research facilities

After the two bases were established on the coast, the proselytes discovered that the Chinese forces were activating 4 EMP Control Stations located around the city one by one. This means that they need to advance to the city under the frequent paralysis of vehicle units. The three targets are 1 Kanegawa Assembly and 2 Industrial Plants. As the battle progressed intensively, Epsilon HQ forces gradually controlled several enemy strongholds and destroyed all EMP Control Stations through the accumulating amount of assault forces. As the EMP paralysis are gone, the Epsilon was able to deploy more reinforcements into the city.

Then, with the heavy wave of assault forces advancing deep into the city, the Epsilon HQ can easily destroy the Industrail Plants located on each side of the city, and obviously it would not not take much time to destroy the Assembly located at the main base. With the steady progress of the assault troops led by two proselytes, they finally conquered the city and disrupted the enemy's newly developed technological process.


With the loss of production facilities in Guangzhou, China's combat effectiveness has been further weakened, although they still have the ability to resist Epsilon aggression for a long time. However, Yuri’s other enemies seemed to have accelerated the pace of eleminating the Epsilon's existance at this time.

Difficulty changes



  • Starting credits: 55000
  • The enemy attack intensity is the lowest.
  • Removed all Nuwa Cannons protecting the Chinese bases.
  • Position of 4 EMP Control Stations will be revealed.
  • The reinforcement amount of both players are the most numerous.


  • Starting credits: 45000
  • The enemy attack intensity is averaged.
  • Enemy will enable one Tech Airfield for each when any player deploys MCV.
  • Additional Qilin Tanks and Nuwa Cannons will attack players after any player's base is established.
  • The reinforcement amount of both players are averaged.


  • Starting credits: 40000
  • The enemy attack intensity is the highest.
  • Large amount of civilian structures will be occupied by enemies.
  • The enemy will own the Tech Hospital and Tech Machine Shop on the map initially.
  • Enemy will enable one Tech Airfield for each when any player deploys MCV.
  • Additional Qilin Tanks and Nuwa Cannons will attack players after any player's base is established, with higher intensity than on Normal.
  • The reinforcement amount of both players are the least.

Easter egg


Find a way to land in the isolated bottom-right corner of the map to receive 2 money crates. The easiest way to do this is through a Driller APC with any infantry loaded inside.

Behind the scenes

The strange Driller and its three passengers

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the mission's gameplay was completely different: first, you need to destroy 2 Kanegawa Laboratories in 30 in-minutes, then destroy two Atomhearts; your bases were initially built in the northern zones on the map and attack southwards. In version 3.3.5, the entire gameplay content has been completely adjusted, and added more reasonable background settings.
  • Prior to version 3.3.5, a Driller with several people will appear when the mission ends. that might related to Scorpion Cell.


  • This mission was released with version 3.3, much earlier than any other missions that take place around this point in the timeline were released.