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Ah, yes... My favorite part.
—A Repulsor about to give unsuspecting vehicles an explosive surprise

The Repulsor is an infiltration unit used by the PsiCorps whose aim is to disrupt enemy armored battalions with a special charge that generates an anti-gravity field similar to that used by Libra.

Official description

Not only is he a master of disguise, the Repulsor utilizes the latest in Yuri's gravity manipulation tech. When his highly advanced charges placed on vehicles go off, the target temporarily becomes a source of a strong anti-gravity field, which will launch surrounding vehicles into the sky if they remain nearby one for too long. The lighter the vehicle, the faster it might roll over, and that means the vehicle's destruction. The hovering units, ones that do not make contact with the ground at all, will rotate even faster.

The AG charge itself deals damage to the target too, so in case it kills it no anti-gravity field is created. Just like with the Crazy Ivan or Arsonist charges, an Engineer can remove a Repulsor's bomb before it goes off. While the effect pales in comparison to Libra's newfound psychic powers, it is still a significant threat to any ground armor battalion without the anti-agent support on the field.[1]


While the PsiCorps has its vague yet effective tactics of dealing with armor by either locking them down with their Magnetrons or turning them against each other en masse with their Masterminds, both of these vehicles are still ill-suited for facing walls of heavier tanks on their own. This is especially the case if they are outnumbered, disabled (especially by China's vast array of EMP hardware), or enemy forces are able to close the distance and swiftly eliminate them with swarm tactics. While Headquarters has no need to field a specific high-tier infantry unit as the majority of their armored forces is geared towards anti-armor work and Scorpion Cell has the Scourge to do so, PsiCorps' answer to this is an infantry unit that instead of directly engaging vehicles head-on, sabotages them and has the potential to destroy an entire division without enemy commanders/generals/rogue proselytes realizing what had happened to their expensive vehicles.

The Repulsor is the antithesis to the Latin Confederation's Arsonist in every sense. While the covert pyromaniac of the Latins specializes in burning structures to the ground while disguised as another infantry unit, PsiCorps's anti-tank specialist is trained to covertly sabotage armored battalions. They are able to disguise themselves as a hostile infantry unit and with the disguise covering them, they can approach vehicles and plant anti-gravity charges on them. Once a charge is planted, it can only be detected by a nearby Engineer and like the Crazy Ivan or the Arsonist's bombs, can be defused before they detonate. If not done so, they will damage the targeted vehicle and the latter will also generate an anti-gravity field similar to Libra's secondary skill. This will cause any nearby vehicles to potentially roll over upon themselves and be destroyed instantly - the lighter the vehicle, the faster it will roll. This can have devastating effects on clusters of vehicles that lack the available assets to detect and dispose of disguised units. In addition, the Repulsor is also immune to the crushing treads of most vehicles and can only be flattened by the heaviest of tanks.

The Repulsor works best at sabotaging isolated or unescorted artillery units and slower monster tanks such as Nuwa Cannons and Mastodons. Even if the enemy is aware of an inbound one, most units of these two categories will be unable to quickly eliminate them (as they generally lack anti-infantry firepower) and they will not have the speed to quickly outrun one before they place the anti-gravity explosive on them.

While their presence makes armored divisions lacking anti-disguise countermeasures exceptionally vulnerable, they have no real means of defending themselves if their cover is blown and will be swiftly eliminated by units such as Attack Dogs, rogue Spooks, and Terror Drones if one manages to get close to them. Their anti-gravity charges cannot be employed against infantry or structures either, which restricts them as a pure anti-vehicle sabotage unit. Therefore, PsiCorps proselytes should deploy them with care and exploit openings for them to sabotage hostile vehicles - using the Shadow Ring support power will greatly increase their chances of a successful strike, provided there are no anti-stealth units to see through their illusive trickery.

AI behavior

Repulsors controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting vehicles or ore miners
    • The AI may use Shadow Ring on this strike force (Hard AI only)


Act Two

  • Repulsor debuts in Godsend among the reinforcement from the right side of the map.
  • Repulsor becomes trainable in Dance of Blood.


  • Chronologically, Repulsor becomes trainable in Mind Over Matter, earlier than Dance of Blood.


  • Can disguise and set gravity charge on unsuspecting enemy vehicles.
  • Decent movement speed.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Great in destroying lone miners or other vital vehicles.
  • Combine with Shadow Ring support power to improve vehicle sabotaging successes.

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