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The Reprocessor is the Foehn's economy booster structure that provides the commander with a "bounty" system in which they will earn credits from "recycling" the destroyed enemies' materials for future use. It can also deploy nanites that kills hostile infantry while healing Foehn infantry in its wake.

Official description

While the Foehn Revolt has multiple nanite production plants at its strategic locations, a problem arises whenever a new outpost is being established somewhere in the world. With the continuous and relentless attacks on the new settlements, it often becomes too dangerous to construct an expensive Nanocentrifuge in a remote area, where it could be easily destroyed by the enemy forces.

That's where the Reprocessor comes in: a structure that has been designed to provide the vital amount of nanites specialized in one purpose: material gathering. While the primary purpose of nanites in the Foehn Revolt is to perform efficient weapon and building constructions, with the limited access to the world's resources, the material gathering often becomes the more pressing task.

The Reprocessor focuses on creating nanites for all of the Foehn's units in order to allow them to quickly pick up salvageable materials from destroyed enemy objects, be it vehicles, infantry equipment or even buildings. Once the Reprocessor has been built, whenever an enemy object is killed, a small portion of its worth in resources will be awarded to the Foehn's commander who destroyed the object.

To defend against at least some of potential attackers, the Reprocessor can now and then launch a small cloud of weaponized nanites at the enemy infantry in order to have them "devoured". A cloud of grey goo created from such an attack is beneficial to the Foehn infantry, as they can use it for regeneration of their equipment and healing of wounds within those clouds, just like the ones created by the Huntresses.[1]


The Reprocessor grants the following support power:

Support power Description
Type: Offensive Power
Cost: $1000
Recharge Time: 6:30

Launches a projectile of nanites in a designated area
Killed infantry turn into nanoclouds
Nanoclouds heal friendly Foehn infantry
Strong vs. Infantry

Left-click icon then left-click on target location

The Reprocessor enables the Foehn to last economically longer than their counterparts in the late game, where ore is scarce or difficult to reach but armies and structures are often numerous and expensive (the more expensive the object, the more credits gained).

As long as the Foehn commander is aggressive, they will constantly gain credits even in desperate circumstances while their enemies will go bankrupt (unless they are AI, as they have infinite money). Although friendly base defenses do not grant the bonus credits when they destroy enemies, this does not mean that the Reprocessor can only support Foehn on the offensive; patrolling unit defenders that are often met with enemy strike forces and success afterwards can turn the tide further in favor of the Foehn commander. Thus, the Reprocessor is an excellent structure against AI forces, as they are able to send out almost unlimited forces at players, thereby resulting in a steady gain of resources that can rival or outpace the credits earned by Minermites.

Besides acting as a Tech Oil Derrick normally, it also grants access to Foehn stolen tech units like the Archelon in the game mode Ultimate Alliance.


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