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An unusual weather manipulation technology has been deployed by the Pacific Front on the Regenbogen artificial island, a technology which alters the status of the battlefield in many ways to disrupt the armies trying to conquer the isle.
—Map description

Regenbogen Challenge is the third Challenge map that pits the player(s) against three Pacific Front armies. In this challenge, the enemy makes heavy use of Future Tank Alpha and can control the weather itself to disrupt the players.


The enemy starts with a large number of Future Tanks Alpha around the map. At the 12 minute mark, the enemy weather manipulation technology will be activated, causing one of the following effects denoted by the skies being tinted in the respective color:

  • RED (3 minutes) – Most eligible friendly units are affected by inverted firepower. Epic units, Bunkers, carriers (e.g. Quetzal, Aircraft Carrier) and rocket launchers (e.g. Resheph, Scud Launcher) are unaffected. Some areas of the map are not affected by the effect.
  • ORANGE (3 minutes) – Zephyr Artilleries from both inside and outside the battlefield will begin long range bombardments on the challengers' base.
  • YELLOW (4 minutes) – Hunter-Seeker drones will head for the players' bases in massive numbers. Every 3 minutes, at most 10 drones will be spawned by each enemy, one per Power Plant. If an enemy base is low on power, its respective drones won't be spawned.
  • GREEN (7.5 minutes) – The invulnerable Weather Crystals are activated and will start generating mini-lightning storms that attack ground and air units. They require power to operate and are disabled if the respective base goes low on power.
  • CYAN (3 minutes) – Cryospears will be launched every 18 seconds against the challengers' largest group of forces.
  • BLUE (4 minutes) – All power plants are disabled. European Lightning Rods will remain functional, however.
  • PURPLE (7.5 minutes) – Future Tank Alphas will be chronoshifted in large numbers to the island. A total of 24 Future Tank Alphas will be teleported during one loop; 3 at 0.5 and 5.5 minutes, 6 at 1.5, 3.5 and 6.5 minutes.

After an effect's duration ends, there is a very brief respite before the next applies.

Support power changes/additions:

  • The enemy will not use Cryoshot and Cryospear at all in non-cyan weather effects.
  • Robot Ops Control Center does not provide Zephyrobot and Hunter-Seeker, as they are summoned specifically in orange or yellow light weather effect. They are unavailable still even if a Pacific Front base is captured by any challengers.

Unit changes/additions:

  • Norio's missiles have cryo missiles-like visual effect, but without actual enhancement.
  • The cryo clouds generated by Black Eagle and Hailstorm jet's missiles can decrease units' speed temporarily.

Start point Tech buildings


  • The challenge's name means "Rainbow" in German.

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