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Regen Drugs is a support power available for the Epsilon from the Synthesis Vault. Described as "Yuri's unique method of actively restoring his troops' health", Regen Drugs distribute a regenerative stimulant to infantry which rapidly restores their hit points over a period of time.

The Regen Drugs will be replaced by Wonder Drugs once a Cloning Vats is built.

AI behavior

The AI will use Regen Drugs on specific task forces that will be prepared and will regroup near the enemy base when Regen Drugs is 70% charged, or roughly 1:30 minutes before it is ready.

All difficulties

The following task forces will target anything:

The following task forces will prioritize structures and defenses before anything else:


The following strike forces will prioritize structures and defenses before anything else:

  • 9x Brutes; this strike force will only be built if a Cloning Vats is present.

The AI will often combine Regen Drugs, Rage and Kinetic Barrier, as they usually share the same task forces.

The AI will also use Regen Drugs on Foehn Nanofiber Sync strike forces if available.


Use Regen Drugs to heal your troops on the battlefield.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Huehuecoyotl

Act Two

  • Regen Drugs debut in Huehuecoyotl. When Rahn is created, Regen Drugs will be usable freely.