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The Recon Sortie is a support power used by Foehn forces through their Cyberkernel. It is used to reveal unexplored areas on the battlefield through a pair of fast-moving unmanned aircraft named Recon Probes, which fly over the targeted location before circling back.

Like its Soviet counterpart, the Recon Sortie's probes cannot be targeted by anti-air weapons. On the other hand, what makes the Recon Sortie different from the Spy Plane other than having more aerial units and sight range is that the Recon Probes reveal the area in a cross pattern (more noticeable when targeting the center of the battlefield) and they do so the moment they spawn in the battlefield.

AI behavior

The AI will use Recon Sortie to target a clear space close to the center of the enemy base. If all enemies are defeated, the AI will target their own base, with the same circumstances.


  • The Recon Sortie is based on the Surveillance Sweep from Red Alert 3.
  • Possibly because of a graphical glitch or an oversight in the unit's programming, the drones themselves are sometimes known to fly backwards along their flight path.

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