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While the French and German armies gather at the Polish border to prepare for a full-on Soviet invasion of Europe, the newly resurrected Russian supersoldier Volkov and his cybernetic dog Chitzkoi are sent on a covert mission to wreak havoc in the city of Paris.
—Mission description

Operation: Recharger is the sixth Soviet Act One campaign mission.


Comrade, you really should pay attention to your personal files, and the politics going on in the Kremlin. Ever since the razing of Chicago, the Premier has been in an uproar over the decision - it seems that he was not consulted ahead of time, despite, what's even more disturbing, the High Command's assurances that our Premier Romanov was the one authorizing the strike. This is not good - while yes, the Americans are crumbling, and you have a vast American-based legion under your control in St. Louis, they can't strike out very far due to the range of the lone Psychic Beacon. It's only a matter of time until someone destroys it - we are already dealing with an insurgency there, meaning some people might be naturally less submissive to mind control. Many are jockeying for power in the Soviet America. A strong hand is needed to hold it together.

A lot is still uncertain - the Pacific Front's exact contribution to this war, the Latin's ability to combat a potential continent-wide insurgency, and worst of all, whether we will succeed in breaching Europe. The Europeans are rallying at the German-Polish border, and there is still the matter with the Chinese ignoring our calls to action.. Worse, some in High Command are still suspecting you of the theft of the Stalin's Fist, along with other such incidents of late. Background checks and purges are being instituted again. While we are trying desperately to convince the Premier that you are loyal, for now you are locked out of the Weapons Protocol - you will not have access to MCVs or even the facilities in the next mission. But, you can still prove yourself, with the right soldiers..

Objective 1: Get Volkov near the Eiffel Tower to overcharge it.
Objective 2 & 3: Destroy the Euro Alliance forces & keep Volkov alive.


Tower of Doom

Volkov and Chitzkoi, a cybernetically enhanced duo of man and dog, arrived at Champ-de-Mars and began exchanging fire with local enemy forces. Completely unprepared for their arrival, the initial Allied troops sent to investigate the commotion underestimated their opposition and were eliminated. After clearing out more forces guarding the Eiffel Tower itself, Volkov made for the monument and electrified it with his Tesla cannon, converting it into a devastating Tesla Coil. The Eiffel Tower was then used to lay waste to surrounding enemy personnel, including an Allied outpost. The French paradropped infantry around the Tower, but they were promptly reduced to piles of ashes by the giant Tesla Coil or turned into lunch for Chitzkoi.

Clearing Paris

However, good things never last. The Eiffel Tower was destroyed by some sort of laser strike just after it destroyed the outpost. This forced the General to eliminate the rest of the Euro Alliance forces in Pairs the old fashioned way. As they marched north, the enemy placed Pillboxes to halt their advance, but it wasn't enough to stop Volkov and his companion. They quickly cleared the area, with Chitzkoi at the front to scout ahead and tear any opposition apart. At the same time, they skirmished with Archon AMCs carrying Navy SEALs and took minor damage.

Since the General had been investigating the battlefield with a Spy Plane, he could easily obtain a lot of information about the deployment of the enemy as the duo destroyed another enemy outpost. Although dealing with a large number of Navy SEALs and Siege Cadres was somewhat tricky, they too would eventually succumb to Volkov and Chitzkoi's shock and maw. They quickly advanced to the Arc de Triomphe and the Allied main base - the Allies' unkemptness would be their downfall, as their fortifications fell quickly to chain reactions of scattered barrel explosions.

The main base soon collapsed, and Volkov and Chitzkoi began their final destination to the central area. Although there were many Grand Cannons, there were also more barrels. Weathering constant fire from the stationary artillery pieces, Volkov razed the defenses to the ground and soon cleared out the base itself. As the last outpost was consumed in barrel fire, the French commander - in a fit of desperation - ordered all survivors in the immediate area to aggressively hunt down the cybernetic pair. Despite the remnants outnumbering the duo they could not stop the cyborgs however, with Volkov bringing his Tesla weaponry to bear and Chitzkoi dismembering men and tanks alike with its steel claws and razorblade teeth. Their mission was a success once the last of the French resistance was no more, and the City of Lights reduced to ruins.


It's not often one gets second chances. After your merciless attack in Paris, the Europeans are already trembling in fear of the cyborg that managed to return from the dead. Now the Allies will understand that the legacy of Stalin shall never die.
—Battlefield report

With the destruction of Paris and the Alliance forces present, the Europeans' morale was crippled. Soon enough, the Soviets would invade Europe en-masse and take the entire continent under their control. The general's assistant observed that with Volkov's return, the Allies will learn that while they can kill Stalin in the previous war, they will never be able to kill his ideals.

A new assignment was then provided to the Soviet General: he would be recalled to North America to investigate Allied activities occurring on Devon Island in Canada. Here, he would find something that would fully enrage the Americans.

Difficulty changes


  • A veterancy crate will appear near the start of the mission.
  • The number of heal crates in city will be highly increased.
  • The number of Pillboxes in city will be highly decreased.
  • No Snipers will appear, and there will be less Siege Cadres.
  • Most sight of Allied structures will be revealed.
  • No paradrops will occur in the first objective.


  • No veterancy crate will appear near the start of the mission.
  • No Snipers will appear, and there will be less Siege Cadres.
  • Most sight of Allied structures will be revealed.
  • A paradrop consisting of GIs and Siege Cadres as well as Archons within Navy SEALS will be deployed on the Soviet heroes' starting point.


  • No veterancy crate will appear near the start of the mission.
  • Snipers in the outpost (the first objective) will be deployed.
  • Paradrops are very frequent, especially in the first objective.
  • When the heroes enters some places, Pillboxes will suddenly appear.

Easter egg

  • Find an Engineer at a church located at the opposite side of the Seine River at right border of map, before the Eiffel Tower gets destroyed. You can either reach the rear of a broken bridge at right side of the Eiffel Tower or let it eliminate bridge guards, then order Volkov and Chitzkoi to reach the church.
  • Destroying the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe will generate a money crate for each. They can be helped to develop additional forces with capturing the Allied base by the aforementioned Engineer.

Behind the scenes

  • A Borillo was provided to the player in version 3.0 when crossing the bridge behind the Eiffel Tower, as the bridges will be blown up. Now the method to prevent the duo crossing the river too early is replaced by deploying large amount of Snipers at opposite of the bridgehead.


  • This mission is a remake of City of Lights, the fifth Soviet mission in Red Alert 2, but the main differences is the tower will be destroyed by the Allies shortly after being used to destroy an outpost, making the player complete the mission with Volkov and Chitzkoi.