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For the Epsilon stolen tech infantry in version 3.0, see Reaper.

It all comes out in the wash!
—Reaper Corvette

The Reaper-class Corvette, known in-game as Reaper Corvette, is a Soviet amphibious boat armed with twin rad cannons to lay waste into lightly armored vessels and infantry.

Official description

Competing Soviet weapons manufacturers have long pushed for the deployment of tesla tech in their navy. In the end it was one's tesla Typhoon torpedo design that has seen use on a large scale, while another's prototype amphibious boat, with coils just like those of the Tesla Cruiser, has been put back in the warehouses after failing to replicate the former's durability.

It wasn't until the construction of the new Nuclear Converter facilities begun, and the realization the Soviet navy lacks an effective way to strike targets at the shores hit, that this project could be presented in a new light. Armed with inventive cannons, spewing highly corrosive nuclear waste at its targets, the Reaper Corvette lays waste to unsuspecting coastal defense forces.[1]


AI behavior

Reapers controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 2x targeting everything


  • 4x targeting everything


We have prepared something special - our new amphibious Reapers will help you deal with the enemy. Their cannons throw corrosive nuclear waste at their targets.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Unshakeable

Act One

  • Reaper Corvette debuts in Sunlight as enemy unit.
  • Reaper Corvette becomes usable in Unshakeable, where several Reapers will be given as reinforcement.
  • Reaper Corvette becomes buildable in Dragonstorm.