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For the version 3.3 Soviet naval vessel with the same name, see Reaper Corvette.
Reaper, fully aware.

The Reaper is an Epsilon infantry that appeared in version 3.0 as a stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating any of the Soviet labs.

Official description

Reapers are the twisted results of Epsilon human experimentation and Soviet cybernetics: a combat suit completely melded with its user. These mechanical miscreations carry a portable thermal energy weapon, much like the Antares Battery.

With this cutting-edge weaponry, Reapers have unmatched anti-armor capability, easily overwhelming entire tank columns. Though they are difficult targets to bring down, Reapers are easily swarmed by infantry and lighter units.[1]


  • Very effective against tanks.
  • Damages enemies in AOE.
  • Above average health pool.
  • Long range (Half that of the Antares Battery)
  • Effective against buildings.
  • Can destroy entire bases if in large groups.
  • Immune to dog and spook attacks.
  • Being a cyborg it's immune to poison and radiation.
  • Immune to mind control.
  • Cannot be abducted.
  • Helpless against aircraft.
  • Can be easily overwhelmed by the cheapest infantry.
  • Decent damage against infantry but slow reload time makes it not ideal against them.


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