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Despite the Proselyte's best efforts, the Allies continue the relentless rush through Antarctica with their superweapon, now heading straight for Yuri's Tower - the key to his complete world domination. To unleash its full power, the Creation aims to get there before Yuri's enemies do.
—Mission description

Operation: Reality Check is the eleventh Epsilon Act Two campaign mission.


Yuri's Message: "Listen well. When the Soviet Union was new, there were those of us that Stalin turned to for our particular skills. We were trained to submit minds to our will, but unexpectedly the Soviets suffered a complete defeat before we were ready. We needed time and the Allies gained control over it. Now, even though time remains our greatest foe, my vision is almost complete. The Reds have always been so easily blinded by pursuit of revenge - I sense they are coming for me in Moscow, and with them is Volkov. The cyborgs have always been a thorn in my side and failure to prevent their resurrection still haunts me. Perhaps I shouldn't have waited 10 more years; Einstein's death changed nothing and time has given rise to weapons and people we fight today.

The loss of the first Amplifier in Chicago pushed the old High Command away from the psychic tech back into reliance on nuclear weapons and cybernetics. With their mechanical minds so unbendable it took me decades of research and training to overcome the cyborgs. The actions of men who brought them back to life became their undoing - one killed in a conflict over their production, another twisted and turned into a metal puppet for my greatest Creation to practice on. She should now be able to seize him but the Paradox Engine is still pushing through and we certainly cannot face all of them in the Antarctic. This is why I must protect the Amplifier in Moscow myself - if it collapses the network will be incomplete, but it is also necessary that they attack there and only there. Only I can deal with Volkov now and only I can control the Hands that will keep the Soviet machines occupied long enough. Once the network is activated, I will prevail over my enemies and return to you all, Proselyte.

Now go, get her to the Mental Omega Device. She must fulfill her purpose."


The awakening

Rahn telling Libra to find the gift

After departing from the Pensacola Mountains defense line destroyed by the Allies, the Driller carrying Libra and Rahn advanced further into the continent of Antarctica, finally burrowing out of the ground at an abandoned Epsilon outpost. Rahn informed Libra that the Driller could no longer move forward due to the nature of the ground being too tough to tunnel through, and informed Libra that she had to find Yuri's gift on her own. In addition, he had to lead the Epsilon HQ forces against the rapidly advancing Allies that were attacking elsewhere. In the end, Rahn told Libra that with the Proselyte's guidance, she didn't need to fear.

What's this..? They captured my clones?

The Proselyte wasted no time and guided Libra through the Antarctic wastelands. After eliminating a patrolling Allied squad, Libra discovered an Allied outpost holding four of her clones (four unique psychics, actually). Unfortunately, just when Libra was hesitating why the Allies did this, Navy SEALs in the outpost responded quickly in panic and terminated the four clones. The Proselyte's advisor chanted that killing these clones while their minds were connected to Libra would have dire consequences. Right after this, Libra went quickly spiral out of control, which was beyond the expectations of the Proselyte and his advisor, and they immediately lost contact with the commando.

Slaying the Sisters

So many voices in my head.. Why can't they stop? But they're all here now, aren't they? That's right. I could just.. Kill all the clones.

The almost crazy Libra completely razed everything in this outpost in a state of extreme madness, and muttered to herself trying to stop the voice in her head. At this moment, Libra realized that as long as killing all the clones in this area could end this painful feeling, then her desire to slaughter them all came to fruition. Fortunately, despite being unable to take part in the command operation himself, the Proselyte managed to gain telepathy with Libra to continue supporting her solo operation.

What is this? What the hell is happening!?
—Siege Cadre, noticing that the sky has turned an ominous red due to Libra's presence

Despite suffering from inhuman pains, Libra's ability grew exponentially during this encounter, allowing her to boost her psychic energy to new levels to enhance her attack and defensive capabilities, to create proton fields capable of shredding infantry and vehicles alike in seconds, and newfound abilities such as Omega Blast or Omega Storm to devastate enemies en masse. Using a vision, Libra quickly pinpointed the location of all clones in the area, and her appearance terrified virtually any Allied soldier that had the misfortune of crossing paths with her. Due to the Chrono Legionnaires being unable to be called due to interrupted communications for reasons unknown and all the weapons sent by the Allies to hunt Libra turned out to be almost ineffective, Libra's rampage went unstopped as she sought out for her clones while leaving the bases that imprisoned them in charred ruins. However, she had to make sure to avoid the negation field of the Suppressor, as they still had the capability to neutralize her damage output. Hunting squads were sent after her, but they all met the same fate as the initial Allied soldiers that encountered her earlier on - complete decimation.

While the garbled communications made it almost impossible for the current Allied forces in the area to inform the main expeditionary forces assaulting Yuri's Tower, it wasn't long before the Allies sent reinforcements to the area in the form of an European Alliance division supported by a Mobile Construction Vehicle and various Charon Tanks. Libra did not prioritize this new threat at first, as her main goal for the time being was to seek out the clones, end their misery, and augment her powers accordingly.

What is the Chrono Legion even doing? Where is our support!?
—Navy SEAL

Not only that, even the Cryocopters and Lionheart Bombers sent by the Allies that had a great suppressing effect on Libra were plucked from the skies. Every time she ended the existence of her clones in an outpost, Libra eased her pains and increased her power even further. Along the way, Libra also salvaged some crates in some abandoned Epsilon facilities that provided some auxiliary weapons to protect herself or to assist her attacks. After eliminating a total of twenty clones, Libra was puzzled that the remaining four clones could not be found, but then realized that they might be sealed in some devices, and focused on the ex-Epsilon base captured by the Allies in this area. After returning to the starting position and eliminating the base established there by the reinforcing European Alliance division, Libra entered a valley and headed straight to the main base.

- Do our bullets even graze her? We need the Chrono Weapons!
- It's too late. We can't count on the Paradox Engine to save us...
—Suppressors, resigning themselves to Libra's mercy

The Allied main base with four Bio Tanks holding Libra's clones

When Libra arrived at the main base, she discovered that the Allies had dug up and fortified themselves on the plateau, including the use of a large number of Kingsnakes that flew out of the portal and the captured War Rigs. In order to likely cut off her escape path, the Allies had also rigged the only bridge into the area with explosives and detonated it after Libra crossed it, trapping her in the area and forcing her to confront this Allied stronghold as her only option. Realizing that the charging in even with her newfound powers was a suicidal tactic, Libra could only slow down and focus on destroying the enemy who actively attacked her from the base, and then destroy various defense facilities in the base step by step. As she expected, the last four clones were indeed stored in four Bio Tanks, so she immediately destroyed these Bio Tanks and killed the clones inside, then completely razed the base to the ground and left no survivors in her wake.

No more fear. No more death. Is this peace? But it feels.. hollow.

After completely eliminating the enemies in this area, Libra felt a sense of complete calmness for the first time, but also felt hollow. Seeing that Libra was confused, Yuri, who was fighting in Moscow, transferred some words through telepathy to Libra.

Story of the psychics

Yuri told Libra that the potential he gave is enough to fill all the holes in Libra's heart. Then, he explained some things during the birth of Libra: the Bio Tank detonated during the Soviet operation in Rio brought insufferable pain to her, who was still on the moon base at that time, causing her to fall into a state of madness. In this fit of uncontrolled rage, she found and killed the source of pain - the clones that were sealed in the Bio Tanks. Then, Yuri developed the CAS device to suppress Libra's urges and channel her powers; Libra's elimination of the remaining clones in this operation made her fully aware that these clones were her origin: Yuri searched for psychics during the early wars and united their minds, and then created Libra.

You are the proof it is possible, and the key to this hivemind. Use my device to make it a reality. You can end this conflict, and with the knowledge of the world, discover the truth of our existence.
—Yuri's words

Next, Yuri talked about the purpose of the global mind control network's construction: Though many mistakes were created, Yuri insisted to construct many Psychic Beacons and Psychic Amplifiers in the world to collect the thoughts from the Tower to every corner of the world, to achieve the unity of human thought, and to reveal all secrets in the world. and Libra is the key to enter the tower to start the "Hivemind".

So that's how it is.. I have no soul of my own. I only take the thoughts of others. Is this all there is to it, Master? Even you don't know.. The Tower will answer my questions.

After listening to Yuri's telepathic message, Libra felt something, and held opinion that her value should not just be a copy of other people's thoughts. Still, Libra decided to move on, ditching the CAS device that was no longer needed, and went to find Yuri's gift.

Recovering the gift

When Libra arrived at the location where Yuri left the gift, the Proselyte and the advisor regained battlefield control and learned that all clones had died. They did not know whether the killing was a deliberate plan by Yuri, but there is no doubt that this action gave Libra complete control over her own mind and body.

With the "gift" from Yuri, Libra can teleport anywhere she please

Libra entered an ice cave and obtained the gift left by Yuri - this is the chrono backpack Yuri had previously developed in the old Chronosphere with analyzing the captured Chrono Legionnaire's equipment, allowing Libra to move quickly to return to the tower. At the same time, the Allies assembled a large number of Chrono Legionnaire in the previously destroyed base, and immediately commanded them to move to Libra's position after discovering her traces.

The target must have escaped in that direction. After her!
—Chrono Legionnaire, preparing for the hunt

With the teleportation capabilities of the chrono backpack, Libra was able to travel through a valley filled with the wreckage of Allied and Epsilon aircraft, and from some of the wreckage gained additional weapons or reinforced material, such as Dybbuk-Seizer's terminus gas and Thor Gunship's conduction drones. The Allies tried to deploy defenses near Warpnodes scattered throughout the valley, but to no avail. Instead, these Warpnodes were used by Libra to create temporary negation field protection for herself. By this point, the Allies in this sector had learned about the slaughter of their compatriots in the zone where Libra's clones were imprisoned - in response, they intensified their patrols in their hunt for the perpetrator.

When Libra leapt outside the valley, she found an Allied air base established there, and it seemed that a commander was stationed at the Comm Tower in the base, ready to inform the main Allied forces fighting at the Epsilon HQ base at South Pole of her presence and the true danger she posed. Clearly Epsilon would not allow this operation to succeed, Libra quickly destroyed the Shield Commands inside the base to disable the Force Shield protecting Comm Tower, and then destroyed the Comm Tower to force the commander out.

The advisor realized that this particular commander was the one who directed the operation of capturing of 24 clones earlier, and that he was equipped with a chrono backpack to constantly avoid Libra's attacks. The Paradox Engine was also going to retrieve him within a specified period of time, and it was imperative he be eliminated so the other Allies would not be warned about Libra's impending arrival to the South Pole front and her true potential. Meanwhile, the Allies sent some Chrono Prisons to hunt Libra. The complicated deployment forced Libra to first move carefully around the base to avoid hunts from the Chrono Legionnaire and Chrono Prisons and look for opportunities to eliminate them, and kill the commander before he could withdraw from the area.

Finally, all gone. But this Backpack.. it's already running out of power. I am still far from the Tower.. I should use the tunnels to slip through. This is the first time I feel tired. Teleportation is exhausting my body..

After completely eliminating the Allied forces in this area, Libra felt exhausted by frequent chronoshifts, and found that the chrono backpack was out of power. Therefore, she had to use traditional way to move herself through crossing several tunnels to the South Pole HQ base.

Clash of the heroes

You will pay for your crimes before you can get away with it! The deaths of my companions will not be in vain!

As the PsiCorps heroine was about to make her departure via a tunnel to rendezvous with the main elite Epsilon taskforce entrusted to defend Yuri's ultimate weapon, a voice demanded her immediate surrender for her indiscriminate slaughter of all the Allied Forces in the area or face death. The very speaker happened to be Norio himself, who was both enraged and horrified at the bloodbath that Libra had inflicted. Accompanying the Japanese hero himself were a large detachment of Rocketeers, Suppressors, and the remnants of the Chrono Legion, all with intent on making Libra pay for the consequences with her life. Knowing that escape was not an option and allowing this division to reunite with the other Allies would be potentially disastrous for the Epsilon, Libra returned the favor by ensuring the total destruction of her pursuers.

There is no honor here. I'll stop you even if it costs me everything!

The fight was clearly not in Libra's favor - not only was she outnumbered, but the Rocketeers themselves were all seasoned combatants, the Suppressors could neutralize her damage dealt if she allowed herself to be hit by them, and one erroneous move would result in her being erased from time by the Chrono Legionnaires. Her newfound powers and durability turned all of the Allies' efforts of stopping her a futile gesture however, and it wasn't long until it was only her and Norio left as the two prepared for a duel to the death.

You could have joined us, warrior, and yet you chose the little-death. Only we will remain..

Knowing that victory or death were the only two possible outcomes of this battle, Norio immediately called back all his surviving troops, telling them to save themselves when it was clear sending his men against Libra was effectively a death sentence for the Pacific Front soldiers. Not only did he brought a new weapon to the fight; a cryo-enhanced versions of the Arashi Missiles - in order to tip the odds in his favor against the merciless psychic, but also ordered the usage of mass Zephyr Artillery bombardments, missile strikes, Mercury attacks, and even a Lightning Storm to be directed at Libra's position. Though he was able to deal significant damage to her, Libra eventually overpowered and killed the Japanese commando before taunting him that he could've joined Epsilon instead of pointlessly wasting his life trying to stop her.


Proselyte, with your guidance Libra has overcome all obstacles on her path. Through many battles and necessary suffering, she has matured and her powers have grown stronger just as Yuri has foreseen. The final step of his great masterplan is in sight.
—Battlefield report

Libra returned to Epsilon lines, ready for the final stand at the South Pole

With the Allied support bases in complete ruins and a large portion of their forces annihilated (along with one of their commandos), the tide of the war was slowly beginning to favor the Epsilon - even more so when Libra's true powers were finally manifesting to their full potential. The PsiCorps heroine rejoined with Rahn and the elite HQ forces, and the HQ commando himself couldn't help but notice that Libra's calmer demeanour was something not out of the ordinary. The latter brushed it off and assured him that nothing will stand between them and Yuri's true vision of a world united under 'one mind'. Wasting no more time, the commandos had to get to the Mental Omega Device as quickly as possible since the Allies were making rapid progress and had already eradicated the support bases that were in charge of defending the site.

The massive detachment of armored vehicles rolled out, while Libra herself boarded a Gehenna Platform in preparation for a swift airdrop behind Allied lines. The Paradox Engine was unstoppable, but now the Epsilon finally had the weapon to counter it: Libra herself. The final battle to achieve their master's dream was at hand, and the Allies had no idea of what was about to hit them as Rahn's taskforce was about to get the jump on the European Southern Cross Army's rear...

Difficulty changes


  • Allied defense intensity is the lowest.
  • Removed part of threatening units.
  • Libra's firepower and armor are both increased by 50%.
  • Three 1-time Allied support power crates can be found in phase 1 (Target Painter, Cryospear, Backwarp).
  • No time limit in assassinating enemy commander event.
  • The Chrono Prisons that chase Libra can definitely be destroyed within 1 shot.
  • Rage's cooldown in Norio versus battle: 1:00.
  • During the Norio versus battle, when reaching 200, 300 and 400 enemy kills, an armor, a speed and a firepower increase crate will appear.


  • Allied defense intensity is in medium state.
  • Removed part of threatening units.
  • Three 1-time Allied support power crates can be found in phase 1.
  • Time limit in assassinating enemy commander event: 6:00.
  • Rage's cooldown in Norio versus battle: 1:30.
  • During the Norio versus battle, when reaching 200, 300 and 400 enemy kills, an armor, a speed and a firepower increase crate will appear.


  • Allied defense intensity is the highest, threatening units are having larger proportion.
  • Allies will use Cryocopters to immobilize Libra.
  • Allies will call for Lionheart Strike to attack Libra.
  • Some Allied teleport teams will be replaced with more dangerous units.
  • No 1-time Allied support power crates provided in phase 1.
  • Added several patrol teams consisting of Cryocopters and Warhawks in phase 1.
  • 2 Gap Generators will be present at Allied main base in phase 1, and shroud will cover when Libra's command is back.
  • Shield Commands will be protected constantly by Force Shields in phase 2.
  • 2 extra Chrono Prisons will appear in phase 2.
  • Time limit in assassinating enemy commander event: 3:00.
  • Rage's cooldown in Norio versus battle: 2:00.
  • During the Norio versus battle, no enemy killing reward crates will appear.
  • During the Norio versus battle, extra Chrono Legionnaires will participate in the attack.
  • During the Norio versus battle, Norio will call for extra Missile Strike, Mercury Strike, Cryospear and Lionheart Strike to attack Libra.
  • During the Norio versus battle, Norio's forces will call Black Widow Alpha and deploy Cryomines more constantly.

Easter egg

  • Collect 7 hidden crates scattered around the map in phase 1 will enter an extra phase;
    • Only to pick up 6 crates before crossing the last bridge, and then destroy 4 Experimental Warpshops in the order of lower left, upper right, upper left, lower right, will the 7th crate appear.
    • Get through the extra phase's challenges can max out all of the Libra's Mental and Power Boosts.
    • In fact the extra phase's challenge is from the danmaku game Touhou Project, event the arrangements of the danmaku are directly from this game.
  • In phase 2, use Libra's deploy to shut down 8 gravity crevas can make her cast fields around herself.
  • In phase 3, lure Norio to destroy 2 set of rocks will make Libra able to teleport between them.


  • The mission's name refers to what makes someone recognize the truth about the situation they're facing, or whether it is a dream or not.
  • The briefing of this mission is similar to the video briefing of the original Red Alert 2 Soviet mission 10: Weathered Aliance. Briefing is transcription of what Yuri said to the commander.