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By taking out the Allied forces in Copenhagen, the Soviets intend to weaken their navy on the Baltic. With many parts of the city already under control, they plan a final strike.
—Mission description

Operation: Ravages of War is the fourth Soviet cooperative mission.


By taking out the Allied forces in Copenhagen we will weaken their Baltic fleet. Northern part of the city is under our control. Their remaining units are to the south. The Allies are amassing their forces to stop us from taking over the city and its ports. We need to land additional forces here and deploy a base. Then, crush them all. Organize a defense line in the north before the Allies fight back on the ground.

Objective 1: Hold the line, clear the path and deploy a base at the coast.

Objective 2: Destroy the Allied forces in the city.


Initial assault

During the Soviet attack on Copenhagen, two commanders were sent to a region to perform the task of destroying the local fleet. The two initially had different mission objectives: the north was to build the base directly and to hold the line of defense there; the south was to try to land on the nearest coast and establish a base.

The commander in the north immediately deployed the MCV in the open space and developed the base, and he defeated the Allied infantry who attempted to occupy civilian buildings, Thor Gunships and Battleships while the base was developing. He also captured a Tech Base Expansion Post nearby.

The southern commander used his navy to clear the way to the nearest shore and shot down some Thor Gunships. He used Dreadnoughts to hit the barrels on the shore and then destroyed the remaining defenses and units including Kappa Tanks there. After the shore was cleared, four Zubrs landed, dispatched landing forces and an MCV, and then the commander established the second base.

Conquer the city

The two commanders repelled the Allied attack while developing the base, and then assembled the attacking units: a large number of Scud Launchers, Tesla Cruisers and some Tigr APCs.

With sufficient sight, the commanders commanded the attacking forces to begin destroying the Allied strongholds throughout the city: Tesla Cruisers eliminated vehicles and infantry along the way, Scud Launchers destroyed various buildings, and Tigr APCs neutralized air units that defend the strongholds. The Allies occupied many civilian buildings on the way, and these buildings were completely destroyed after the Soviets passed. After several strongholds were destroyed, these attacking forces launched a final attack against the largest Allied base in the northwestern part of the city.

The seemingly rigorous defense of the Allied bases came into being after the arrival of the Soviets: they easily disintegrated the defense by destroying the barrels and ammo boxes near the buildings. The two commanders continued their previous tactics to quickly complete the attack on the base and razed the Allied base to the ground.

Finally, the two commanders searched and destroyed the remaining Allied forces in the city and conquered Copenhagen.


The entire Baltic Sea eventually fell into the hands of the Soviets. Their navy was able to stay clear of this and the difficulty of supporting operations in the North Sea had also eased. Now they are able to fully cover the opponents in Scandinavian peninsula and launch several critical attacks.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 35000


  • Starting credits: 25000


  • Starting credits: 20000

Easter egg


Garrison or destroy the rich residences at the following locations:
Player 1: South of the starting base, nearby a gem field and two neutral Tech Oil Derricks
Player 2: Southwest of the landing zone, nearby a gem field and Tech Machine Shop
By doing so, two money crates will be received for each building destroyed.