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Rashidi's Palace is the personal residence of Rashidi, leader of the Scorpion Cell, located in the city of Bissau in West Africa.


After Scorpion Cell rebels against the Epsilon Army, Rashidi's Palace is targeted and reduced to rubbles by the Proselyte, whom Yuri sent to punish Rashidi's treachery. Both Yuri and the Proselyte believe that Rashidi has been buried under the ruins of his palace, but in reality Rashidi escaped. After the victory of the loyalist Epsilon force, Yuri establishes a Psychic Amplifier over the destroyed palace to reassert their control over the Scorpion Cell survivors.


Act Two

  • In Obsidian Sands, Rashidi's Palace must be destroyed by the player's PsiCorps forces. The palace is ironically guarded by two Yuri Statues, which can hit aircraft and fire much farther than normal Yuri Statues, as well as most of Rashidi's Chinese equipment including Eradicators, Dragonflies and Sentinels, plus a Topol-M launcher. After the palace is destroyed, the Proselyte will remark that he no longer feels Rashidi's presence, while a Jackal Racer prototype carrying Rashidi will be seen emerging from the flooded tunnel underneath the palace.


  • The building was originally called Aziz's Palace during development.