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The Euro Alliance is working on a weapon that'd allow them to control the weather. This would give them an advantage over the Russians, which wouldn't coincide with Yuri's plans.
—Mission description

Operation: Rainmaker is the third Epsilon cooperative mission.


Proselytes, we've been asked to support the Russian operations in Europe. While the main forces are active in Sweden, our target is here in Germany. While the Chinese will distract the Allies elsewhere, we'll destroy our target. The Euros are developing a weapon that harnesses the powers of nature. With these Weather Crystals, they are already capable of forming clouds. These Crystals must be destroyed to stall the development of the weapon.

Objective 1: Destroy all 4 Weather Crystals.


Destroy the first Weather Crystal

Initially the proselytes each had only three PsiCorps Troopers and they decided to head east. A PsiCorps Trooper walked over the Gate of the highland, took control of a Humvee and quickly let it hit the barrels near the Pillbox below, destroying the Pillbox.

Then the proselytes got a few messages: First, there was a Tech Airfield in the central area, which could reduce the number of enemy reinforcements if destroying it. Second, there were two Thor Gunships in this area. Since there were no air defense units, proselytes must let their teams avoided them. Then, the first reinforcements came: three Tesla Troopers and three Pyros on one side and four Crazy Ivans on the other.

Then, PsiCorps Troopers took control of a Siege Cadre and let him destroy the nearby occupied buildings, while Crazy Ivans entered the outpost with Tech Airfield from the rear and destroyed all the buildings there. Then all the troops proceed safely to the northwest.

PsiCorps Troopers controlled three Humvees in one level, but the proselytes were attacked at this time, they had to annihilate an assault squad consisting of Humvees and Attack Dogs. At the same time, the other side of the PsiCorps Troopers collected each one of Cavalier Tank, Archon AMC and Mirage Tank, and let Crazy Ivans successfully destroy the first Weather Crystal.

Destroy the second Weather Crystal

As the troops in the northwest continued to travel, they searched for and controlled the more Siege Cadres while allowing PsiCorps Troopers to release Psychic Blast to other infantry along the way. After annihilating another Humvee & Attack Dog assault squad, Siege Caders destroyed the defensive structures along the road and the second Weather Crystal.

Destroy the last two Weather Crystals

An unknown Allied soldier passed the battlefield along the road

Both proselytes began to move eastward, one of them allowed his troops to move east, from the side to the third Weather Crystal, and let Siege Cadres and Cavalier Tank destroy it.

At this point, Weather Crystal had only one left, as they were preparing to approach another Weather Crystal, a soldier carrying an unknown device entered the battlefield from the north and moved southward then to the west, the proselytes were also advised not to engage him. Fortunately, he just passed the battlefield along the road under two Navy SEAL guards and left in a short while.

In the end, the two squads went down the high ground and destroyed the last Weather Crystal before an airborne force came to neutralize them.


With the destruction of all Weather Crystals, the Allies' project of their Weather Controller was delayed. After this accident occurred, the Europeans transferred this project to Pacific Front, and let them continue that, in Virgin Islands.

This plan was not finished until two years later, and Yuri seemed to started focusing on sabotage this plan again...

Difficulty changes


  • Some of enemy patrols will be removed.
  • 2 veterancy crates and an armor upgrade crate will appear at initial position.


  • None.


  • 2 patrolling Thor Gunships will appear on the map.

Easter egg


Destroy the old Gap Generator in the center of the map to receive an armor and firepower crate.