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Rage is a support power that is the ability of the Epsilon's support superweapon, the Rage Inductor. It infuses units with a dose of Terminus, a strain of combat drugs that utilizes an unorthodox, but effective mixture of steroids, augmentative biochemicals and hormones which can significantly improve one's perception and physical performance if used in proper and optimal dosage, resulting in any non-robotic units that gets exposed to the drug, including vehicles, to have their firepower increased for a good period of time.

The Terminus also has another benefit – a portion of chemicals mixed on it is known for being able to significantly improve natural regeneration rate, allowing any infantry that are under the drug's effect to be able to rapidly heal themselves.

AI behavior

The AI will activate Rage for specific task forces that are prepared and will regroup near the enemy base when the Rage Inductor is nearly ready.

The following strike forces will attack structures first before defenses and anything else. All AI difficulties will send these strike forces:

The following strike forces will proceed to target everything rather than a specific target:

The following strike force will prioritize defenses first before structures and anything else. However, the AI will activate Rage on them before regrouping them near the enemy base, which makes it possible for the Rage to expire before the strike force even reaches the enemy base. Lastly, this strike force is only sent by the Hard AI:

The following strike force will proceed to target production structures before other structures. This strike force is only sent by the Hard AI:


Act Two

Behind the scenes

  • In version 3.0, Rage does not affect infantry and will instantly kill them instead, thus it only affect vehicles. It also increases the armor and speed of the affected units.
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