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The Radar Tower is a Soviet structure that appeared in 3.0 as their radar structure and Tier 2 tech access. It was replaced by the Field Bureau as Tier 2 tech access structure and Airbase as radar structure in version 3.3.

Official description

The Soviet Radar Tower is essentially a modernized version of the Radar Dome from the previous war against the Allies. A fragile building equipped with a wide selection of electronics and surveillance devices. The Radar Tower provides a commander with the radar mini-map and the authority to develop more advanced technology. Additionally, a Soviet commander can call in a spy plane in order to provide intel on unknown enemy territory.


Besides granting access to Soviet Tier 2, the Radar Tower provides the following support power to supplement its radar role:

Icon Support Power Description
Spy Plane An uncontrollable and supersonic Spy Plane is summoned into the battlefield to reveal undiscovered terrain and enemy activity. This support power comes with no cost but needs 4:00 to recharge.

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