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For the Epsilon structure from version 2.0 with the same name, see Radar Dome (v2.0).

The Radar Dome is a neutral structure that provides the owner with free radar.


Radar Domes come in four types: a bigger 3x3 version and three smaller 2x2 versions. Other than size, two of the other three Radar Domes are respectively old-generation Allied and Soviet Radar Domes, while the other one is Kanegawa Radar Dome.

As most type of Radar Domes only require an Engineer to access its radar, it gives the Engineer's commander an early advantage in battle.


Act One

  • Five Radar Domes are the objective of Zero Signal. Three of them has been captured by the Soviets, while the other two remain in Allied hands, who must take back the three captured Radar Domes. All of them provide Satellite Scan support power.

Act Two

  • At the beginning of Ghost Hunt, an Engineer will emerge from the Mine Shaft and instantly capture the nearby Radar Dome when the commander established battle control.
  • In Divergence, a Radar Dome located at bottom left of map serves as an easter egg (see here for details).
  • In Earthrise, there's a Radar Dome near the initial landing zone. It temporarily serves to provide reconnaissance support power before a Radar Spire can be captured, as the Spy Plane is unavailable on the Moon.


  • There are four damaged Radar Domes in Tainted Empire: one of them is located near the centre of the map (west of the Epsilon Headquarters base); the others are found on the top, right and left edges. Capturing all of them will cause the Future Tanks Alpha west of the Adapted Tech Center to become active and fall under the control of the player.

Special Ops

  • In Fallen Ashes, destroying of Latin Confederation's Radar Domes is a mission objective. The Confederation will prepare communicating with their forces in Europe when the player attacks them, and the player can infiltrate one of them to delay their communication progress before destroying all of them.


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