For the Epsilon structure from version 2.0 with the same name, see Radar Dome (v2.0).

The Radar Dome is a neutral structure that provides the owner with free radar.


Radar Domes come in two sizes: a smaller 2x2 version and a bigger 4x4 version. Other than size, both variants are functionally identical.

As it only requires an Engineer to access its radar, it gives the Engineer's commander an early advantage in battle.


Act One

  • In Side Effect, the main Soviet base has a Radar Dome which gives the player access to radar, since the Airbase hasn't existed yet.
  • Five Radar Domes are the objective of Zero Signal. Three of them has been captured by the Soviets, while the other two remain in Allied hands, who must take back the three captured Radar Domes.

Act Two

  • At the beginning of Ghost Hunt, an Engineer will emerge from the Mine Shaft and instantly capture the nearby Radar Dome when the commander established battle control.
  • There are four damaged Radar Domes in the Foehn Origins mission Tainted Empire: one of them is located near the centre of the map (west of the Epsilon Headquarters base); the others are found on the top, right and left edges. Capturing all of them will cause the Future Tanks Alpha west of the Kanegawa Headquarters to become active and fall under the control of the player.
  • In Earthrise, there's a Radar Dome near the initial landing zone. It temporarily serves to provide the player with access to radar before a Radar Spire can be captured, as the Airbase is unbuildable on the Moon.
  • In the Covert Ops mission Dawnbreaker, the Apocalypse manufacturing complex has a Radar Dome that reveals the whole map when captured, but will reset shroud for the player if destroyed.



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