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The Radar Dish is an essential structure for the Soviets, which grants access to more advanced technologies and provides radar for the Soviet commander.

Official description

The Soviet Radar Dish is essentially a modernized version of the Radar Dome from the previous war against the Allies - a fragile building equipped with a wide selection of electronics and surveillance devices. The Radar Dish provides a commander with the radar mini-map and the access to more advanced technology. It is the essential structure for the construction of any of the advanced Soviet laboratories. Additionally, a Soviet commander can call in a Spy Plane in order to provide intel on unknown territory.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the Radar Tower in the original game, click here.

Just like the Radar in the original game does, it is important to build a Radar Dish to unlock Soviet Tier 2 access. Building Radar Dish is also necessary to gain access to Soviet labs, which unlock Tier 3.

Other than granting access to most equipments of Soviet Tier 2, the Radar Dish also provides access to the following support power:

Support power Description
Type: Scout Power
Recharge Time: 4:00

Deploys a Spy Plane to remove shroud on the battlefield
Spy Plane cannot be targeted

Left-click icon then left-click on target location


Act One

  • Radar Dish is first buildable in Happy Birthday, where after the Latin Confederation base is established, the player must build a Radar Dish to contact Morales, making him controllable.
  • In Wrong Side, the player is required to capture a Radar Dish to locate the Topol-Ms.
  • In Singularity, a Radar Dish is one of the targets to be destroyed by the player.

Behind the scenes

  • From version 3.3.0 to version 3.3.4, Radar Dish was removed from the Soviet tech tree, until it returned in patch 3.3.5. The Field Bureau replaced its tech access function and the Airbase superseded its radar and reconnaissance function during this time.
  • During this period the Radar Dish was removed, the Radar Dish's artwork is only shown in the Allied cooperative mission Mad Monster, acting as a Control Tower of Super Apocalypse Tanks. As of 3.3.6, they are replaced by the Advanced Radar Dish.

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