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I don't bite!
—An innocent Raccoon operator

The Raccoon is a Foehn support vehicle that is highly valuable for their combat operations thanks to its intricate ECM jamming systems which have many uses, such as jamming enemy weapons, disabling structures and preventing enemies from using support powers around Raccoons. It appears to be a successor and improved version of the Infector Tank seen during the Mental Omega War.

Official description

Do not underestimate it because of its size and appearance - the Raccoon is a crucial weapon in the Foehn arsenal. Those buggies have an unique method of dealing with threats: the jammer mounted on its top is capable of shutting down most of enemy units' weapon control systems. This device makes enemy ground vehicles and aircraft unable to fire their weapons properly, essentially rendering them useless in combat.

Additionally, the jammer can disable enemy structures, be it a power plant, a factory or a defense. The Raccoons have quite a decent range, thus they are often seen on the battlefield during base sieges, hiding behind the main strike force. Raccoons are not very resistant, so they should avoid getting hit directly.

The Raccoon's ace up its sleeve is a small onboard signal inhibitor, which blocks an enemy commander's ability to choose the target for a support power or superweapon launch in the Raccoon's vicinity. Since the Raccoon is not powered by external sources, like the Signal Inhibitor is, the only way to get rid of this effect is to destroy the Raccoon or disable it with EMP or freeze.[1]


Watch out: This small vehicle may not look the part, but the Raccoon is an otherwise necessary support unit for the Great Revolt. It gives a Foehn commander an option to break stalemates by using a special weapon jammer that prevents most enemy units and defenses from attacking. It allows other offensive units to avoid unnecessary casualties.

However, it isn’t very durable and won’t last long against reinforcements. This is why it should not travel alone, as it is still vulnerable to more than one base defense (which is almost always the case). In addition, it has a bad tendency to attack the unit that is closest to it, meaning that multiple Raccoons might target the same vehicle, when realistically they could switch to the immediate biggest threat, such as a tank or other anti-vehicle unit that isn’t jammed. This makes them very micromanagement-intensive and hard to use reliably.

The Raccoon also has an ability to prohibit signal of enemy non-recon support powers and superweapons, just like the Signal Inhibitor, but with a smaller radius. If Foehn players want to deploy a more complete signal inhibiting network in the base, adjusting the positions of Raccoons and Signal Inhibitors appropriately could be a good idea. However, this also means that players may face a more aggressive frontal attack.

AI behavior

Raccoons controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting vehicles
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Raccoon
  • 1x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 2 Roadrunners or Mastodons
  • 1x targeting structures, accompanied by 2 Tarchias or Gharials
  • 1x following friendlies
  • 1x guarding Windtrap, Foehn Ore Refineries and Foehn War Factories
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Hovracoon that will guard Foehn Barracks, Foehn Ore Refineries and Foehn War Factories
  • 2x targeting anything, accompanied with 2 Jackal Racers
  • 2x targeting base defenses
    • This task force may be accompanied by 2 additional Raccoons
  • 2x targeting Plasmerizer, Nuclear Reactors and base defenses, accompanied by 6 Lancers
  • 2x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 6 Lancers


  • 1x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 3 Knightframes and 2 Teratorns
  • Coro.png 1x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 1 Alanqa Skystation
  • Bast.png 1x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 3 Giantsbanes
    • This task force may be accompanied by 3 additional Giantsbanes and 1 Raccoon
  • 2x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 3 Draco Tanks or Bison Tanks, and 4 Lancers


  • Weapon jammer prevents most enemies from dealing damage with their weapons.
  • Can target most vehicles, ships, aircraft and structures.
  • Decently fast.
  • Good range.
  • Signal inhibitor prevents enemy commanders from using support powers and superweapons near the Raccoon.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Very fragile, easy to kill.
  • Vulnerable to multiple anti-armor threats.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Cannot deal damage to hostiles.
  • Weapon jammer cannot target infantry.
  • Cannot affect unarmed units or units with non-damaging weapons.
  • Cannot affect multiple targets.
  • Cannot fire while moving.
  • Very micromanagement-intensive - Raccoons will automatically target the closest enemy unit to them, even if it is already jammed by another Raccoon.
  • Cannot jam the M.A.D.M.A.N.


  • There is a recorded line for the Raccoon which is "Supporting Coronia", but it went unused in the final release, as the Raccoon is available to all Foehn subfactions.[2]

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