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The Quetzal Shield was a Wings of Coronia support power that was removed as of version 3.3.6. It was available from the Cloud Piercer once its expansion is added, which - as its name suggests - protects all friendly Quetzals with a powerful, projectile-jamming shield that vastly increases their resilience to damage for a short while. This allows them to survive relatively unscathed from dangerous situations, especially when facing multiple anti-air threats.

AI behavior

A special task force (comprising of 4 Quetzals) will be constructed and will regroup near the enemy base once Quetzal Shield is 70% charged, or roughly 2 minutes before it is ready. These Quetzals will prioritize structures over anything else.

Only Medium and Hard AI will carry out this behavior.



  • In the Firestorm Challenge, all Coronian aircraft were affected by Quetzal Shield, not only the Quetzal itself.

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