Unit Quotes Gallery Changelog

When selected

  • I am the morning star.
  • Our drones are ready.
  • We can kill from anywhere.
  • The feathered serpent is ready.
  • Graciously, I come unto earth.

When ordered to move

  • Transcendent boundaries.
  • Between earth and sky.
  • Change is in the air.
  • As you command.
  • On course.
  • Affirmative.

When ordered to attack

  • We'll sweep them away!
  • Marked for destruction!
  • With urgency.
  • Releasing the drones.
  • They're within our range.
  • They will be sorry!

When shot down

  • This is not over!
  • You can not end me!
  • I shall return!


  • Precisely. (as move voice originally)
  • Mine drop is at go!
  • Deploying mines!
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