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Your forces have landed successfully on Yuri's hidden island. Mysterious experiments are taking place here and the island's secrets are guarded by what appears to be stone statues, shaped after Yuri's very own head. Keep your eyes open.
—Map description

Purgatory Challenge is the seventh Challenge map that pits the player(s) against PsiCorps forces that liberally make use of mind control technology and are protected by Yuri's Statues.


The challenge reuses the map of Dance of Blood, the 19th Epsilon mission, with a few minor differences. Enemy bases are located in the centre, northwest and southeast, while players start at the northeast. The paths through the island are lined with Yuri's Busts. All enemy AI starts with a Cloning Vats and a Naval Shipyard.

In each PsiCorps base, there is an indestructible Dybbuk Hive that constantly spawns Dybbuk-Interceptors to fire at nearby air units. It also replaces Libra's landing pad in the primary PsiCorps base. Each Dybbuk Hive can only be disabled by eliminating the entire PsiCorps base they are associated with; sabotaging or destroying their power grid will do nothing.

Very rarely, Yuri himself might appear as a unit in the enemy forces. He can permanently mind control units and buildings.

As the game progresses, the map will be darker and then tinted to red, similar to Dance of Blood but weaker. Libra's voice could also be occasionally heard. The map will return to its original lighting when the challengers win.

Support power changes/additions:

  • Each enemy base has access to a special support power called Remote Control, which has a 18-minute cooldown. While only 1 Remote Control would be active in the beginning, more Remote Control will start their countdown after 6 minutes each. When used, this support power mind controls all ground and sea units in a 5x5 area, including robots like Clairvoyants and animals like Dolphins but excluding heroes, ore miners and epic units. It can be only stopped by defeating correcponding owners.
    • Visually, a Remote Control darkens the map and projects an image of Yuri's face in its area of effect. This support power works like the vanilla Psychic Dominator in Yuri's Revenge but without the shockwave that destroys buildings.
  • Unlike normal case, the enemy can deploy numerous Libra Clones against the challengers.

Building changes/additions:

  • Enemy's preplaced Bio Reactors provide 400 power instead of 150 units.

Unit changes/additions:

  • Lasher Tanks, Gehenna Platforms and Masterminds are amphibious.
  • Gehenna Platforms can launch their Dybbuk-Interceptors at double the range (increased to 36).
  • Libra has an increased speed from 10 to 11, weapon range from 10 to 12, decreased reload rate from 35 to 5, and Rate of Fire from 100 to 30.
  • Libra Clones have an increased firepower from 20 to 30 per dart.
  • Yuri cannot be instantly killed by Terror Drones; instead Terror Drones will use their melee attack instead. However, due to the coding used, Yuri uses the same armor type as Siegfried, which means Siegfried also benefits from this change.

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