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The Psychplug is an add-on for the PsiCorps Pandora Hub, which grants the proselyte full access to the PsiCorps' arsenal.

Official description

These upgrades, unique to every Epsilon subfaction, grant them a full technology access and a variety of unique support powers based on their own research. Upgrading the Pandora Hub to acquire the complete weapons array and accompanying support powers can give an Epsilon Proselyte the edge he needs to overcome his enemies in battle. PsiCorps can construct a Psychplug, Scorpion Cell utilizes a Chemplug, while the Epsilon HQ makes use of a Geneplug. Regardless of the upgrade chosen, the Shadow Ring will become available to Epsilon commanders once any is built.[1]


Other than unlocking the full potential of PsiCorps' anti-gravitic, magnetic and mind-control technology, the Psychplug provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
Type: Utility Power
Cost: $800
Recharge Time: 6:00

Cloaks friendly ground and naval units for 50 seconds
Epic units are unaffected

Left-click icon then left-click on target location
Type: Reinforcement Power
Cost: $1200
Recharge Time: 4:00

Deploys 3 Libra Clones anywhere on the battlefield
Libra Clones are weaker than the true Libra and cannot use the anti-gravity field

Strong vs. Infantry, Aircraft

Left-click icon then left-click on target location (cannot be targeted on water)
Type: Offensive Power
Cost: $1000
Recharge Time: 7:00

Summons a controllable Magnetic Beam
Slows down mechanical units around it and immobilizes them at the center of the Magnetic Beam

Left-click icon then left-click on target location


Act Two

  • Psychplug debuts in Memory Dealer, but is not available to build due to the Pandora Hub is not buildable. It only unlocks Mastermind and Cloning Vats in this mission.
  • Psychplug becomes buildable in Divergence.

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