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The Psychic Tower is a defense structure used by the PsiCorps. It can mind control up to three units at a time, and not more, unlike the Mastermind but like the rarely seen Dybbuk-Seizer.

Official description

The Psychic Tower is feared by Yuri's enemies. It is the pinnacle of his PsiCorps' mind control technology as while it can control multiple targets just like the Mastermind, it does not share its weakness in the form of willing to control more than it is capable of. Its mind control apparatus does not overload and will not result in a sudden self-destruction.

Once the Psychic Tower captures 3 objects, that's it, no more will be mind-controlled, until they are killed or the tower itself is disabled through some means, like low power or hacking. This has led to Allies and Soviets attempting to sacrifice the most expendable of their troops in order to render a Psychic Tower useless or sabotage the base's power before they attack.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

The Psychic Tower retains its ability to cause disarray via mind control from the original game, but there are some modifications that make the Psychic Tower more balanced in Mental Omega, including its stats (higher cost, tech requirement, and power consumption required in exchange for increased hit points and slightly longer range).

First and foremost, the Psychic Tower now has a delay before it can mind control a unit (one can see the tower charging up), meaning that an alert commander has a chance to avert losses by moving his forces away from the tower's range if they are fast enough.

Another key factor to consider is its exclusive use for PsiCorps; this gives said subfaction a defensive advantage over the rest of the Epsilon as this discourages adversaries from sending their best men and machines (especially monster tanks) lest they face guaranteed casualties as the proselyte would either order them to destroy their original side or worse, recycle them via Grinder to fund the Epsilon war machine. Though the PsiCorps have a more mobile and power-independent alternative, the Psychic Tower lacks the flaws of vulnerability to conventional anti-armor weapons (especially fighter jets), EMP and brainwave overload while retaining the same tier requirement, making the Psychic Tower the most optimal defensive mind-controller.

Overall, the Psychic Tower's role is a late game deterrent to smaller strike forces with little anti-defense capability and instant capture of advanced units that prove to be able to withstand Epsilon's static defenses. PsiCorps Proselytes should ensure that their power levels are at optimal levels at all times should they rely on these structures (or any other defensive structure for that matter) since if a base is low on power, all Psychic Towers will go offline and should one lose power while it has seized control over an enemy unit, the mind control link with the latter will break and the enslaved unit will fight for its original owner again.

AI behavior

The AI has the ability to build Psychic Towers that requires a Pandora Hub rather than a Psychplug.

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Psychic Towers. Easy AI will build a maximum of 2 Psychic Towers, Medium AI will build a maximum of 3, while Hard AI will build a maximum of 4.


Use our new Psychic Tower to take control of Rashidi's troops that attempt to attack your outpost.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Obsidian Sands

In non-Epsilon or betrayed Scoripion Cell missions, capturing a PsiCorps base won't grant access to Psychic Tower.

Act Two

  • The Psychic Tower makes its first appearance as a buildable structure in Obsidian Sands.

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