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Psychic Flash is a support power available for the Epsilon from the Pandora Hub as long as the Epsilon proselyte have at least one Inferno Tower and/or Antares Battery standing. It provides a direct boost of psychic energy to the aforementioned defensive structures, making their thermal beam weaponry more powerful and has a slightly longer reach for a period of time.

AI behavior

The AI will use Psychic Flash when their base is recently attacked.


The Psychic Flash will boost firepower of all Inferno Towers while it lasts.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Dance of Blood

Act Two

  • Psychic Flash debuts as usable support power in Metaphor and Dance of Blood.
  • In Hamartia, the core Mental Omega Device base and the Headquarters base use an enhanced version of Psychic Flash that has reduced cooldown to 2 minutes and increased duration, effectively making the Psychic Flash effect permanent. This enhanced version is not available when playing on Babel, however.