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The Psionic Converter is a type of structure that built by PsiCorps that convert normal tesla power into a psionic-enhanced one.


Act Two

  • In Fatal Impact, a Psionic Converter is located at the bottom right zone of the map. The player must let Volkov enter here to get materials from the Space Commando to enhance his combat ability. After a while, Volkov will exit with his strengthened tesla cannon and fry and the Epsilon's Iron Curtain power grid protecting the core zone of their base, causing the 3 inner Spatha Defense Systems to become vulnerable.
  • Two Psionic Converters appear in Death's Hand as optional objectives. Infiltrating them with Saboteurs will shut down the Hands of Ereshkigal's weapons temporarily.
  • A Psionic Converter appears in the third scene (in Sydney) of the Epsilon Epilogue cutscene.