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For Yuri's faction in version 1.2, see Epsilon Army/Old.

In version 2.0, the Psychic Corps is one of four subfactions of the Epsilon Army. It is the Epsilon's primary military, responsible for much of their military activities at Eurasian continent.

In version 1.2, PsiCorps is the term used for the entirety of Yuri's faction (which includes Yuri's PsiCorps Army and Uri's PsiCorps Rebellion), rather than a separate subfaction. For the sake of consistency, only Yuri's PsiCorps Army subfaction is discussed here.

Official description


In the past, PsiCorps was the entirety of Yuri's army, now it is the Epsilon elite force, based on its traditional weapons - mind control and psychic technology. Unlike other cells of the Epsilon, PsiCorps kept all of old, but still effective PsiCorps tactics. Research on the human brain did not finish on hypnotism and telekinesis though - now, Yuri has invented weapons which can use mental powers to cause physical destruction - Graveller Device is a perfect example of the destructive powers of the mind. PsiCorps is most active in Asia and Europe.[1]


Defeated by Soviets during when he wanted to take control over the world, and complete Stalin's wish with making Soviet Union most powerful empire on the world, he returned from the Jurassic age thanks to his minions from PsiCorps. With the most ominous plan ever in his head, Yuri is ready to bring victory to the PsiCorps and defeat his enemies. Genetic experiments and mind control abilities are the speciality of Yuri, his army is full of unusual forces and equipment, which good usage can make Yuri's victory easier to reach. After finishing first step of his 'almost' perfect plan, he got something what can help him in his operation, in fact, he got someone for this. He cloned himself and created his own perfect copy. Although, he couldn't expect that cloning operation will go wrong, and his clone will turn against him one day...[2]







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