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PsiCorps makes use of anti-gravity tech and psychic manipulation.
—PsiCorps loading screen

PsiCorps uses a mixture of psychic ability and anti gravity technology as its main strategy. While other Epsilon subfactions have Epsilon Adepts as their mind-control unit, PsiCorps have access to more powerful mind-controlling abilities. For instance, Epsilon Elites, Masterminds and Psychic Towers can manipulate opponents and seize important enemy units. Infantry fallen under mind control may be sent to power Bio Reactors, or to the Grinder for extra cash.

Some of its vehicles benefit from anti gravity technology, making them amphibious and versatile. Units like Marauders, Magnetrons and Libra Clones are capable of travelling across land and water and performing shore line assaults. Psicorps also uses magnetic weapons such as Magnetrons and Magnetic Beam to cripple mechanical vehicles, ships or cyborgs.

While powerful, PsiCorps has a few weaknesses. Mind-control is powerful but it can be countered using robotic units like Robot tanks, Terror Drones or a Hero. While its anti-gravity vehicles has water-traversing advantages, they mostly suffer from fragile armor.

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