Subfaction Old version(s) Gameplay Gallery Changelog
  • Version 3.0 
    • Note: No longer has subfaction passive bonuses, but instead has new subfaction-exclusive units (e.g. Marauder, Libra) and support powers (e.g. Libra Clones).
    • Note: Some vanilla Yuri units are now affiliated with this subfaction (Lasher Tank, Magnetron, Mastermind)
    • Note: Graveller Device no longer a special unit as it does not exist in this version.
  • Version 2.0 
    • Note: Now a separate subfaction, as Yuri's forces are referred to as Epsilon.
      • Special Unit: Graveller Device
      • Special Tactics: Immunity - Infantry armor +25%
      • Veteran Units: Harpoon, Kraken Frigate, Magnetron
  • Version 1.0 Added.
    • Note: PsiCorps refers to Yuri's forces as a whole in this version.
    • Note: PsiCorps divided into 2 sides: Yuri's PsiCorps Army and Uri's PsiCorps Rebellion.
    • Note: Yuri's PsiCorps Army:
      • Special Unit: Deviation Fist
      • Special Tactics: Immunity - Infantry strength +25%
      • Veteran Units: Magnetron, PsiCorps Trooper, Boomer
    • Note: Uri's PsiCorps Rebellion:
      • Special Unit: Poison Fang (Chaos Bomber in version 1.05 and older)
      • Special Tactics: Alchemy - Resources value +15%
      • Veteran Units: Floating Disc, Harpoon, Shark Light Sub
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