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The Prism Tower is the Allies' advanced anti-ground defense structure that can support each other for increased effectiveness.

Official description

The Prism Tower is the Allied advanced defense. Using an array of focusing mirrors to concentrate light into a powerful beam that cuts through armor, as well as ignite infantry. Prism Towers can link up with each other in order to increase the firing tower's damage output. This makes the Prism Tower an ideal defense to use in groups, or with the assistance of the Chronolift.[1]


The maximum possible firepower for linked Prism Towers. 8 Prism Towers are able to destroy a Centurion Siege Walker (and M.A.D.M.A.N., who shares the same health) in 3 hits.

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The Prism Tower is the Allied advanced tier 2 defense. Like all advanced defenses, they are effective against any ground threat like infantry and tanks. The biggest difference compared to their counterparts is their ability to link up with each other, increasing the damage output of the tower. This made them more useful in large numbers, as their firepower is enough to destroy even monster tanks in a single beam.

However, like most defenses, it is vulnerable to siege units. They are also ineffective against larger armies as the link might break from each Prism tower. Lastly, though the Prism Tower's firing rate is faster than other advanced defenses, they are the weakest individually.


Prism Towers can link together to create stronger beams, capable of destroying the toughest tanks.
—Allied intel during Operation: Panic Cycle

Act One

  • 4 upgraded Prism Towers appear as an Easter egg in Red Dawn Rising, after destroying US flags around the AI ally's base.
  • The Prism Tower makes its first official appearance in Idle Gossip, and becomes buildable in Panic Cycle. Interestingly, the mission briefing mentioned that the Prism Tower is "experimental", this is actually in order to conceal the truth of European Alliance whom is not willing to share technology to Allied Commander.

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