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Magnifiers activated!
—A Prism Tank moments before a building is turned to dust

The Prism Tank is a long-range siege vehicle used by the European Alliance consisting of a powerful long-ranged prism refractor mounted on a tank chassis.

Official description

When it comes to artillery, the Prism Tank is the go-to for every European commander, bending light into a solid beam capable of inflicting great destructive force. Due to the hefty weight of the tank, the charge couplings usually built in Prism Towers were removed to allow for better mobility. This makes the Prism Tank ineffective against armored vehicles. The tank's prism refractor is not only effective at destroying enemy structures, but can also function as an anti-infantry weapon in a pinch.[1]


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Your overreliance on a single unit in combat is a decision that continues to puzzle us. It is a strategy that might not be as effective as you think in the future battles to come.
—Allied intel during Operation: Relentless

Prism Tanks are highly effective against both infantry and structures. They have sufficient range and power to act as siege units for the European Alliance. A small group of Prism Tanks could easily lay waste to an undefended base. The powerful and deadly beam of light launched from Prism Tanks cannon radiates from the target to hit multiple enemies nearby. Their disperse damage, combined with their long range, make them effective weapons against groups of infantry units.

Prism Tanks hit their targets instantly and accurately. Their prism beams have no projectiles or target locks and therefore cannot be evaded. Prism Tanks are capable of striking targets at almost point blank range, unlike many siege vehicles which suffer from a large minimum attack range.

The major disadvantages of Prism Tanks are: light armor, slow rate of fire and poor damage against heavy armor. Besides, Prism Tanks are also easy targets for precision airstrikes. Armored tanks and air units are therefore good counters against these fragile vehicles. It is recommended to escort Prism Tanks together with Cavalier Tanks, Mirage Tanks and AMCs.

Despite having excellent siege capabilities, Prism Tanks have a relatively short maximum range as compared to other siege vehicles like Hailstorms and Scud Launchers. They cannot outrange long-range base defenses such as Hammer Defenses or Grand Cannons.


SteinsTech sent us the blueprint of their new siege and anti-infantry unit, the Prism Tank.
—Allied intel during Operation: Panic Cycle

Act One

  • The Prism Tank makes its first appearance in Panic Cycle, where it becomes buildable once the player takes control of the European base.

Act Two

Special Ops


  • Very effective against enemy structures and infantry.
  • Outranges most enemy base defenses.
  • Prism refractor beam disperses and damages multiple targets.
  • Hits targets instantly and accurately.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Vulnerable to aerial and anti-armor threats.
  • Weapon ineffective against enemy tanks.

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