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Attack pattern delta.

The Hoplite is an Allied infantry that appeared in 3.0 as a stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating any of the Soviet labs.

Official description

The Hoplite is the Allied appropriation of Soviet cyborg and EMP technology. After numerous psychological and physical evaluations, a soldier will partake in the invasive surgery procedures which will integrate armor and weapons systems into their body, bringing man and machine together in unison. With EMP weaponry in order to disable and annihilate vehicles and C4 charges to destroy enemy structures, the Hoplite boasts superhuman durability in the face of enemy armor. Though they are a devastating force, Hoplites are ill-equipped to deal with infantry forces and must avoid prolonged small arms fire.[1]


  • Hoplites are Ancient Greek soldiers best known for employing the phalanx formation in combat.

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